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IKEA Addicts Anonymous

. . Hello, my names Chris, and I am an Ikea addict. A full blow junkie really… I don’t know how life existed before I discovered the wonder store where all your home filling needs come true. Ok so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration (and I mean slight) but holy…


Weekend Projects Galore

This past weekend I fully intended on lounging around the house, napping, and catching up on some tv time… but somehow I got a bug in me to actually be productive. It started out innocent enough. I took the railings off the stairs several months ago in order to paint…


Christmas Has Sprung

Ok now that we got that Thanksgiving thing out of the way we are clear for Christmas! While I have been guilty of putting up my tree once on Thanksgiving I still believe that is the absolute earliest allowable day for outing the Xmas stuff. This years a bit different…