Motor City Comic Con 2017

The Motor City Comic Con celebrated it’s 28th anniversary this year and it’s arguably the biggest comic con in the Metro Detroit area. Lines can be long, crowds can be massive, but the guest list is second to none so naturally I am hooked. Unfortunately for me I had a…


The Detroit Zoo On Video

I just finished processing a video I made for a future post on my other website, The Adventurers, that was too good not to share. We recently attended Memberfest at the Detroit Zoo which was an after hours member event and the animals were the most active I have ever seen…


New Segment: I found it on Craigslist

I Found It On Craigslist!   So today’s post is brought to you by the “community – politics” section:   And an interesting, well informed, well educated poster who believes that baseball and “tow roads” are the key to saving Detroit: “IF TIGERS STADIUM WAS SOLD OUT THEN WHY IS DETROIT…