New Segment: I found it on Craigslist

I Found It On Craigslist!   So today’s post is brought to you by the “community – politics” section:   And an interesting, well informed, well educated poster who believes that baseball and “tow roads” are the key to saving Detroit: “IF TIGERS STADIUM WAS SOLD OUT THEN WHY IS DETROIT…


Polar Opposites

So more and more lately I’ve come to realize that my 2 kids couldn’t be any more opposite of each other. My oldest, “D”, seems to have inherited all of the worst traits of his mother and I. He’s selfish, stubborn, sarcastic, manipulative, picky, and generally aloof most of the time….


Do You Minecraft?

Do you Minecraft? Do you even know what Minecraft is? If you have kids I’ll bet they do! Well I have a confession for all of you… I’m thirty COUGHeightCOUGH and I do in fact play Minecraft. Ok so for those of you who don’t know: Minecraft is a video game…


Day Trip: Greenfield Village

The day after our Grand Rapids trip we decided to go to Greenfield Village. My parents have a membership that they basically never use unless I orchestrate a trip there. Well… that’s not entirely true because we go there to see Santa every year but that’s a post for around Christmas…


Gravity – a commentary

This is not exactly a review of the movie Gravity, if you want an honest review please go visit The Movie Sleuth. I just saw the movie saturday and felt like using my new public forum to talk about it. WARNING this post contains spoilers… …… ……….. …………….. So let me start…