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kids subscription box reviews

Kids have subscription boxes too... everything from babies to science and yes... even geeky boxes too!

Yes even your kids can get their own Nerd Block! Both Boys & Girls Boxes available for about $20 Shipped!

I have moved the 1Up Box over to the kids category after much debate because I think it's a better fit here. Subscriptions run less than $20/month

Get a box of hands on science experiments delivered to your door each month for about $27 

Get a box of Lego-like building sets & accessories delivered monthly

Price: $27/month =shipping 

food Subscription box reviews

Food / Cooking Subscription Services are great for people who like to try new foods with very little effort. Sometimes you just need something to break the monotony of your everyday cooking with some fresh recipes.

Everything you need to cook a full meal starting at $9.08 per person

A Coffee Tasting Club

Plans From $9-20 weekly/monthly

Free US Shipping

A Monthly Spirit Tasting Subscription

Plans From $25/month


A custom blend of gourmet spice blends & recipes delivered to your door each month

Pet Subscription Boxes


A Loot Crate for Your Dog

Price: $25/month shipped


Beauty Subscription Boxes
You may be asking yourself: "Why does the Nerf Herder have women's beauty subscription box reviews on his site?" and you would be right for doing so. This is a strange mix! BUT part of my expansion is to bring other boxes and more reviewers into the fold. All reviews in this section are done by The Everyday Warrior, a fitness, beauty, & fashion blogger.

Stitch Fix is a girl's dream come true. You have your own personal stylist send you new outfits every month. The $20 Styling fee is deducted from the items you keep.

A Golden Bag of fashion delivered to your door. $49 for a small tote & $149 for a large.

$39.95 Monthly box with Occasional Special Edition Boxes available

The $20 Styling Fee is deducted from the items that you keep.

The $6.95 Styling fee is deducted from what you keep

Monthly Panty Subscription Box

Price: $19/month


Monthly Lingerie Subscription Box

Price: $70/month


Sock Subscription Boxes


A Sock Subscription that Donates to those in need with every subscription

Price: $12/month

A Sock Subscription Box

Price: $11/month

Free US Shipping

Adult Subscription Boxes


Monthly Lingerie Subscription Box

Price: $70/month


An Adult Toy Subscription Box

Price: $70/quarterly