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  October is under way and Comet has got some amazing movies to air this month! Naturally they’re bringing out the spooky flicks in honor of Halloween but they’ve got WAY more to offer than that… October features the ROBOCOP TRILOGY!! All 3 movies back to back so you can veg out…

TV & Movies

Comet TV September Viewing Guide!

Now AIRING ON COMET in September! September is all about our favorite city bashing monster… Godzilla! Comet kicked things off with a Labor Day movie marathon dubbed the “GODZILLA DOIN’ WORK MOVIE MARATHON” that featured some amazing Godzilla titles: Godzilla VS. King Ghidorah (1991) Godzilla VS. Mothra (1992) Godzilla VS….

TV & Movies

Comet TV August Viewing Guide!

August is here and it’s time for the latest Comet TV movie guide! This month is all about the classic horror films form the 70s & 80s …and believe me, Comet does not disappoint! Everything from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers to An American Werewolf in London, this is…


COMET TV Con Survival Pack Giveaway!

I hope you’re feeling Con-tastic because it’s July and you know what that means… It’s Convention season! And of course I’ve got another awesome GIVEAWAY from Comet TV!! GODZILLA GET DOWN has arrived on Comet and all month long they will be airing two classic Godzilla movies back-to-back every single Saturday in July! The month is…