About Me

Sooooo… What is a Nerf Herder you ask?

Well in the Star Wars universe the term was used by Princess Leia towards Han Solo as an insult i.e. – “Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder” in which Han replies “Who’s scruffy-looking?” For whatever reason, while “branding” my blog with a name I landed on this quote in my head. It stuck both because its catchy… but it also has multiple meanings. On one hand, Han Solo is a scoundrel, all around tough guy, and ladies man. His reply to the insult also embodies my own mentality where I know I’m stuck up… cocky… sarcastic… but don’t you dare call me “scruffy looking”. Leia is frustrated to no end by Han and his actions but is also falling for him yet doesn’t want to admit it. This reflects in my own personal life with my girlfriend and I and how she puts up with me and my extremely quirky personality.

But to me “Nerf Herder” has another meaning. Nerf as we know, is a maker of various foam-like toys and I’m a father of 2 boys… so after a spontaneous all out Nerf gun war, who’s the one left “herding” up all the stray bullets? ahhh see so there my friends is the tie-in… this ISNT a Star Wars blog.

After multiple hit-&-miss ideas for my website direction, I discovered the world of Geeky Subscription Boxes. First, I began with the “Big 2” Loot Crate and Nerd Block… but then added My Geeky Goodies and Geek Me Box into the mix. After finding some type of success in this geeky niche on the internet, I have dedicated myself to becoming the one-stop go-to place for all things geeky …that comes in a box through the mail lol. Occasionally I will branch out into other topics such as running, travel, technology, product reviews, or other non-box related geek stuff but I will always come back to the world of unboxing.

So sit back, strap in, and prepare the ship for the jump to light speed…..