MunchPak Unboxing & Review – September 2017

It’s been too long since I’ve reviewed a snack box. There’s just something about trying new exotic foreign snacks that’s exciting to me! With MunchPak, you can get a plan that’s just right for your snacking needs. Anything from weekly to monthly… just a couple snack or a ton… MunchPak gives you options that most other snack boxes don’t.

So I know you’re curious about what this box has to offer so let’s crack it open and take a look inside!



…so what did you think? Well after the unboxing, the fun part began… eating all of the great snacks! So now that I’ve tried them all… here are my thoughts!



This is a hard candy with a fizzy center very similar to “Zots” & I believe the country of origin is Poland. The bag contained mostly lemon although there were a couple orange mixed in. I love lemon hard candies so these were great… they had good flavor and the fizz added a nice burst as well.


Au’some Chewy Bites

These little strawberry candies are delicious! They taste more like real strawberries than the typical strawberry flavoring that you get in normal candies. I believe they are from the UK but my Google search was inconclusive. I would like to get a big bag of these and eat them by the handful all day… yes they are that good.



Bebeto Laces

These are a gummy “shoelace” in raspberry and tangerine flavors that I believe come from Turkey. They are slightly sour which is good, plus the 2 flavors go great together. We are big fans of gummy candies so these were gone in just a few minutes lol.



Dortios Pizzerolas

Now you would think that there’s nothing strange about Doritos right? Well these Doritos are from Mexico and the pizza flavor isn’t available anywhere else (from what I understand). The pizza flavor is, of course, awesome but it was the actual chip that caught me off guard. You become accustomed to the feel and texture of a food that you eat all the time but these chips were slightly different. There was more crunch than a standard Doritos chip and the texture wasn’t exactly the same in my mouth. Not sure why… maybe they use a different cooking technique or something down there but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.



Draze Apacz Pomaranczowe

At first look I figured these were some type of peanut butter ball because I perceived the image on the packaging to be brownish. As it turns out they are orange flavor and they are amazing! It’s like an orange creamsicle candy with a crunchy outer shell and a softer inside (maybe like a white chocolate or something). They are VERY good and I only wish I could find something similar locally because I could eat these all the time!


Goralk Nugatowe

Another Polish candy I believe. This one is a chocolate over wafers with like a peanut butter center. I really didn’t get a big peanut taste from this, it seemed to be mostly chocolate… not that I’m complaining but the packaging suggests something more like a reese’s. Still very good with a nice crunch.


Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitte

This is obviously a chocolate hazelnut center between 2 wafers. It was very good and I believe it’s from Germany… it has Ferrero on the label which makes sense because it’s very similar tasting to the Ferrero Rocher candies. (I assume they’re the same company)


Jacquet French Crepes

At first I thought there was no way this was an actual crepe …but yes… yes it is. It was very good although I think I should have put it in the microwave for a few seconds to get it warm and melty.


Nutsy Pistachio Cookies

I’ve never seen any pistachio cookies locally (although I’ve never specifically looked for them either) …if you like pistachios these are as delicious as they sound! My only regret is that we got such a small package of them.



This one I’ve had before. It’s a flavored puff similar to a cheeto except that it’s peanut flavored. They’re pretty good although I will say that it was my least favorite item in the whole box.


Mommy’s Palms Waffles

I have to tell you that it took me an eternity to figure out what this was called. There was a sticker on the back with some English but it was smudged to the point that I couldn’t read the name… however I can tell you that IT’S AMAZING! Using my smarts (and the pic of the microwave with a 10 next to it) that you microwave this for 10 seconds. What you get is this amazing cinnamon waffle with some type of coconut filling in the center. It sounds weird but I assure you this thing is SOOOO GOOOD! After many failed Google attempts to translate the wording on the package I eventually went to the MunchPak site and poked around until I finally found it lol!


“O” by Oshee Energy Drink

I get skeptical of foreign drinks… they almost always turn out to be somewhat gross …but that’s never stopped me from trying. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this drink… it’s the closest thing to Red Bull that I’ve ever tasted! I’m a big fan of Red Bull over the other brands of energy drinks so this “O” drink was perfect for me. Loved it! Wish I had a case of them.


…And there ya go, my Munch Pak for September 2017. Overall, I loved almost everything in the box… it satisfied my sense of adventure and my cravings for candy too lol. If you’re interested in trying MunchPak for yourself, please use my affiliate link and SAVE 40% OFF your first box!

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