Motor City Comic Con 2017

The Motor City Comic Con celebrated it’s 28th anniversary this year and it’s arguably the biggest comic con in the Metro Detroit area. Lines can be long, crowds can be massive, but the guest list is second to none so naturally I am hooked. Unfortunately for me I had a conflict the same weekend as the MCCC… I happened to have a trip to New York planned BUT THAT DIDN’T STOP ME FROM MAKING AN APPEARANCE! No joke, I literally came straight from the airport Sunday afternoon to catch the final hours of the show. Sounds crazy right but I didn’t want to miss out. Here’s my experience:



The Sunday Crowd Was Massive! – I’ve been there in the beginning, I’ve been there in the middle, and now I’ve been there at the end… and while it’s always crowded at the MCCC I have to say that the crowd this year was pretty overwhelming! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the Suburban Showplace is a great venue but it’s WAAAAY too small for the popularity of this event. Imagine being herded like cattle down aisles while trying to get a glimpse of all of the vendor’s wares …while hundreds of people occupying the same area are trying to do the same thing. I was trying to get some really great photos of the event but wound up resorting to lifting the camera up over my head and randomly snapping pictures at things hoping something would look good.


They Have the Best Panels but Be Sure to Get There Early! – There were SO many great panels scheduled throughout the weekend and in a perfect world, I would have been there all 3 days. I mean they had: Weird Science, Levar Burton, GOTG, American Pie, Sean Astin, & Wil Wheaton… just to name a few. Since I could only attend Sunday, and my plane landed while Sean Astin was speaking… I put all my hopes into seeing Wil Wheaton. Well long story short, I didn’t get there early enough and wasn’t able to get in to see him speak. My inner Sheldon cried out “WHEATONNN!” lol


The Artists there are Top Notch! – While I’m always out looking for some new must have figure or old toy I had as a kid… this year I was in search of some new art. There were so many great artists it was difficult to make up my mind on anything. I wanted something Walking Dead but wound up buying a really cool Fallout print instead.


I dragged my wife to Motor City Comic Con for the first time ever and wanted to do my article about that… I would have cleverly titled it “Dragging My Wife to MCCC 2017”. Things didn’t pan out since we literally just got back from a trip and we were exhausted… we missed out on the Wil Wheaton panel… and just the overwhelming crowd in general. I can say that she enjoyed the costumes, plus she liked seeing me geek out over some toy or another at the various vendors. She did do some shopping as well but I could tell she was way out of her element. Ah well… maybe I can get her back next year.

In the end… I left MCCC having only spent $30 which is absolutely WAY too little! I blame it on the “jet lag” and will have to step up my game next year and go crazy!