Funko Disney Treasures “Pirates Cove” Unboxing & Review – April 2017

disney treasures pirates cove review

Yes, it’s true I’ve been gone a while but it’s been so nice catching up on this thing called sleep instead of staying up all hours of the night writing reviews. For the record, my YouTube channel is always up to date so if you’re not a subscriber… why not?? So anyways, I thought it would be fitting to kick things off with a BRAND NEW BOX! In case you haven’t heard, Funko released it’s latest subscription box called Disney Treasures. The theme for the premiere box in April 2017 is “Pirate’s Cove” and they pretty much spoiled the entire thing beforehand. So without further ado… lets crack this thing open and take a look…


…alright now let’s take a closer look…


disney treasures pirates cove

Pin, Patch, & Theme Sticker

No surprise here that they included a pin and a patch… it’s their thing and every. single. Funko box uses this same formula. (yawn) The pin is a pirate version of Mickey and, in case you’re wondering, they do come with the official Disney Mickey shaped pin backing which is a really nice touch. (I assume they are not a valid form of pin for pin trading in the parks however). The patch looks funny on it’s own but apparently goes together with 5 other patches (a full year’s subscription) to form a circle… then I believe a final circle patch will go in the middle. The sticker is new and it’s kind of nice… they included one stuck to the outside of the box as well.


disney treasures pirates cove

Disney Treasures Exclusive Smee Funko Pop

This Funko Pop was spoiled when they announced the box. It’s literally included in every mention of the box so I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone when it showed up. I really like this Pop, the detail is nice and it’s a very good representation of Smee.


Dorbz Ridez Wicked Wench Captain with Pirate Ship

This one was also spoiled early… although they waited a few weeks before releasing this one. Normally I don’t like Dorbz but for some reason, the Disney Dorbz are really nice. The pirate ship is extremely well detailed and a good likeness of the Wicked Wench. I assume the captain is a representation of the original captain from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride before he was replaced by Barbossa.


disney treasures pirates cove

Exclusive Captain Jack Sparrow in a Collectible Tin

This line of figures is said to be exclusive to the Disney Treasures box. I assume that means we will be seeing more of these in the boxes… maybe every box. They are slightly bigger than a Mystery Minis figure but not by much. The tin has scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride on it and is a nice change from the everyday Funko blind box. Captain Jack is a little too cutesy if you ask me but …well it’s Funko so that seems about right. The detail and paint on this figure is very well done so I have to say that overall this was a great choice for this box.


disney treasures review

…and that was the Funko Disney Treasures “Pirates Cove” themed box for April 2017. Overall I think they did a great job on this first box although it does seem a little bit light on product even for a Funko box. 3 figures is nice and WAAAY better than some of the things they’ve put in their other subscription boxes but they really don’t go out of their way to get you some extra value in the box. I’m definitely keeping this subscription going for the time being …at least as long as they keep doing classic Disney and stay away from hats, scarves, and mugs.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Disney Treasures, visit their website by clicking here.

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