Five Four Club: Men’s Fashion Subscription Unboxing & Review – January 2017

five four club review

The Five Four Club is one of several men’s fashion subscription boxes that I’ve been getting. With Five Four, you get 2-3 high quality articles of clothing for $60/month. They send you clothes based on your style profile, however, they types of clothes that go out every month are very similar across all selections. For January 2017, everyone received a pair of jeans & a long sleeve shirt (I believe) but the exact color and style of the items vary based on your preferences. Take a look at mine…


five four club review

Five Four Brand Jeans

These are a very nice pair of dark denim jeans. They’re Five Four brand which, from what I understand about this company, works with top designers to create their clothing. They fit me perfectly and the quality seems to be at par with other designer brand jeans that I own. They way I figure it is that even the most basic brand jeans still run about $30-40 so it’s a very good value for this month.


five four club review

Five Four Brand Long Sleeve Shirt

This shirt is super soft and made of a sweatshirt-like material (it’s a blend according to the tag). The blue and gray colors work well together and it has a button up collar and a pocket in the front. As far as styling goes, I think they nailed it for me as this is definitely something I would pick out in the store. It is a bit large on me but that’s because I typically go with an XL when I should probably only be wearing a large.


…so let me try it on and show you how they look…


five four club review

…obviously the jeans are going to look good so it’s the shirt that was important to get right. Personally I think the entire outfit is great! The shirt would easily go for $40-50 so I think I definitely got my money’s worth!

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