Loot Crate DX “Build” Unboxing & Review – February 2017

loot crate dx february review

February’s Loot Crate DX “Build” Theme was exceptionally exciting for me because they had announced that there will be an exclusive Robotech item inside! I am such a HUGE fan that literally NOTHING else about this box mattered for the month. However, if you would like to know… they also included: Game of Thrones, Fantastic Beasts, and Tetris in this month’s box. So I know you’re dying to take a look as much as I want to show you what was in the box so check it out…


…ok let’s get a closer look at everything…


loot crate dx review

Power Rangers Megazord Blueprint Pin

As many of you probably already know, I’m not a fan of the Power Rangers. However, I do really like the Megazords because it reminds me of Voltron so I’ll take it. This is a pretty decent sized pin and the picture really doesn’t show how reflective it is with an almost mirror like finish.


loot crate dx review

Random Loot Wear Socks

This was sort of a bonus item I guess. They were a random pair of socks from the Loot Wear Socks collection. Since I’ve been getting the entire Loot Wear collection for quite some time now, I was guaranteed to have whatever they threw in my box. This pair is Shield vs Hydra where one sock has the Shield logo on them and the other, Hydra.


loot crate dx review

Tetris Salt & Pepper Shakers

To me this item was a complete dud. I mean, I like Tetris and all… I was completely obsessed with it back in the day… but these are pretty ugly. Plus nowadays you can get salt and pepper in their own shakers right from the store so… idk maybe I’ll include them in an upcoming giveaway or something.


loot crate dx review

Fantastic Beasts “Swooping Evil” Book and Model Kit

I’ve had a kit like this before. It has a small book about Fantastic Beasts along with a sheet of wood model pieces. You pop the pieces out and assemble them into the above Swooping Evil wooden model. It was a pretty easy kit to put together but still very fun!


loot crate dx review

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones “Iron Throne Room” Construction Set

This thing is so completely bad-ass I cant even stand it. Normally I would say this was the best item in the box but… well you haven’t seen what’s next. Anyways, this is a HIGHLY detailed set that assembles much like a LEGO set only with way more detail. I originally planned on putting it together for this post but it’s a pretty large set at 314 pieces and I didn’t have the time to do it just yet.


loot crate dx review

Loot Crate Exclusive Robotech VF-1J Spec-Ops Veritech Fighter

Omg omg omg I just about peed my pants when I pulled this out of the box!! I have the Skull Leader Veritech fighter that I paid something like $45 for so this item alone is worth the price of the box! I am such a huge Robotech fan! I want to take this out of the box and play with it so bad but it would kill me to break the seal… ah the internal struggles of an in-box collector. In all seriousness though… I had a few guesses on what the item would be this month and this item blows them out of the water by far! I think it’s safe to say that this is the best item I’ve ever received from a subscription box ever!


loot crate dx review

…and that was the Loot Crate DX “Build” theme for February 2017. Obviously this was a huge hit with me and the only item I can even complain about it the Tetris S & P shakers …but even those aren’t really that bad I guess.

The theme for March is going to be “Primal” and will feature: Kong & Godzilla. (One of them possibly being an action figure or something)

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