The Nerf Herder Movie Reviews: The LEGO Batman Movie

lego batman movie review

I’m sure you’ve heard of The LEGO Batman Movie by now. It’s been out for about a week now and I finally got around to seeing it… and I figured… why not post a review so check it out!


lego batman movie review


The Technicals:

Warner Bros. Pictures presents The LEGO Batman Movie. Directed by Chris McKay and Starring: Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, and a HUGE list of other stars.

The Trailer:



The Story:

Will Arnett is back as his Batman character from the LEGO Movie. A super rad, full of himself, ultra macho, loner Batman who is always ready to kick some bad guy butt (and look awesome while doing it) is suddenly confronted with his greatest enemy.


The Review:

I was a big fan of The LEGO Movie when it first came out but then after seeing it half a billion times I cringe every time I hear the “Everything is Awesome” song. (My youngest was obsessed with the movie and there is only so much repetition one can take lol) I was hoping they could recreate the magic of that movie in this spin-off and after seeing the trailers, I went to the theater very optimistic.

The opening sequence begins with Batman doing his over-the-top macho crime fighting bit like he had in the previous film… and it’s good… but I cant help but think to myself that if this is all there is, it’s going to be a long hour and 45 mins. I’m starting to doubt everything. I find that there is just too much happening and that the movie is just a jumble of one LEGO explosion scene after another. They parade… like every single villain out and you’re thinking “where can this movie possibly go from here?” and then… the fight scene is over and Batman returns home.

Suddenly… the plot unfolds… I find myself giggling at first, then lol funny, and on to full on belly laughs that literally brought tears to my eyes! This movie is AMAZING!

Will Arnett does a fantastic job with his voice acting. The comedy is on point and you really believe that Batman is a complete a-hole lol. Michael Cera makes the PERFECT Robin! OMG he had me rolling with laughter at several points throughout the movie. Rosario Dawson as “Babs” plays the stable, strong female lead (much like the Wildstyle character from the first movie) and while she has some funny parts …she’s always the most serious of the group.

Overall I have to say that this was money well spent. I definitely recommend seeing on the big screen as I haven’t laughed like that at a movie in a long time! That’s why I’m giving this movie:

4 out of 5 stars

While it didn’t blow me away, I really enjoyed watching this movie. It’s perfect for families …or geeks of all ages!

If you have seen The LEGO Batman Movie, let me know your thoughts …I think I will try to make this a regular thing here at the Nerf Herder so be sure to follow me on social media for all of the latest updates!