Bombfell – Men’s Fashion Subscription Box Review – January 2017

bombfell review

If you couldn’t guess from the title… Bombfell is a men’s fashion subscription box. The service itself is completely free and you only pay for the clothes that you keep. The way it works is that you fill out a comprehensive profile on you account with your measurements, fit preferences, and styles of clothing that you prefer. Bombfell then put you in the hands of one of their stylists who picks out a selection of high-end clothing based on your wants and needs. There are no surprises because your stylist gives you a complete preview of everything before it’s shipped out and Bombfell allows you to accept, reject, or change any or all items before shipment. Once you receive the clothing you have roughly a week to try them on before making your final selection. Once completed, you pay for what you’re keeping and send back what you’re not in a postage paid box… it’s that simple!

I made a video of this month’s box but if you prefer photos, I’ve got them too below…



…alright now let’s see the goods…


bombfell review

Mavi “Zach” Jeans $98

I absolutely love Mavi Jeans so I requested them after my stylist picked a different brand for me. These are a really dark blue denim with some faded lines in the front pocket area.

I have several pairs of Mavi jeans so I knew they would fit perfectly. The price of $98 is standard for this brand of jeans and believe me they are so worth it!

STATUS: Kept! – There was no question I was keeping these since I specifically requested them!


bombfell review

7Diamonds Plaid Shirt $99

I really like the colors in the shirt. I don’t normally wear plaid these days but I’m open minded about this one and was very curious to see how it looked on me.

bombfell review

So I discovered that it looks best when worn unbuttoned… at least on me. I didn’t care for it at all when I had it buttoned up and tucked in (you can see in the video if you like). The shirt is definitely very high quality but the $99 price tag has got me thinking this one over.

STATUS: Returned – in the end I just didn’t like it enough to fork over the hundred bucks.


bombfell review

Ben Sherman Fine Wool Dress Slacks $99

One look at these Ben Sherman slacks and you can tell they are a quality pair of pants. I already own a darker pair of gray pants but I really wanted to see how a lighter color would look on me.

bombfell review

…they’re actually not that bad. Very comfortable but I should have had them sent in a size smaller (the legs were too long causing them to bunch up on the bottom). I corrected my profile sizing so I wont have this issue again. Overall I really like these pants but I don’t typically have many opportunities to wear things like this so is it worth the price to me…

STATUS: Returned – I really do like these pants but I’m afraid they will sit in a drawer and never get worn


bombfell review

Benson Black Polo Shirt $52

This is a plain, black polo shirt. It’s very nice but pretty thin which would be good for the summer months but not so great in winter. I could actually use more polo shirts though so I’m keeping an open mind.

bombfell review

…it fits really well and looks as good as a black polo should. Looking at it though, you would never be able to differentiate this shirt from a much cheaper version so I’m not sure I want to spend the money.

STATUS: Returned – I really wanted to keep this shirt but when it comes right down to actually forking over the cash… I hesitate and talk myself out of it.


…and that was my Bombfell for January 2017. So my grand total for the box was $98 for the jeans and even though I sent everything else back,  I really like the items that my stylist chose for me. He really seems to get my style. For me, the down side of this box is that I am faced with the decision of spending the money in the end and my natural reaction is to say no. The up side is that I’m not required to keep anything and there are no penalties or fees for saying no… but I always seem to buy something.

So… if you’re interested in trying out Bombfell, you can get a $25 credit towards any item by using my referral link to sign up. When you use my link, I too get a $25 credit so it’s a win-win for both of us right?!

So what do you have to lose? The service is free with no obligations and if you stylist doesn’t seem to get you at all… tell them thanks but no thanks and you never have to get a single shipment. I’ve already got my stylist picking out a February box for me so be sure to check out that review when it gets here.

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