Loot Crate DX “Origins” Unboxing & Review – January 2017

loot crate dx origins review

Loot Crate DX is the premium box from …well Loot Crate of course. It goes for a premium price of $50/month but the goodies inside are high quality and worth well more than what you pay for the box. The theme for January 2017 was “Origins” and featured franchises from: Batman, Superman, and Transformers! I was most excited for the Transformers item so let’s dig into the box and see what it was…


…alright let’s get a closer look at everything in the “Origins” box!


loot crate dx review

Loot Crate DX Origins Original Batman Symbol Pin

This month’s pin is the original Batman logo from waaay back in the day. I’m a big fan of the joker but Batman is a distant second so this isn’t much of a thrill for me. It fits the theme though so I’m not complaining.


loot crate dx review

Batman & Superman Metal Wall Signs

These are really nice, high-quality metal signs. They feature the covers of the first appearance of each character in a comic book. They are slightly larger than a comic book and have holes in them for easy hanging. I love these and I just need to find a good spot to put them up.


loot crate dx review

Art of Atari Capsule Edition Book

This book features the box art for most, if not all of the original Atari 2600. There’s also screen shots of the games, rare concept art, and a bit of information about each one. I lived through the Atari age as a small child so this book brings back some great memories! It would make a great coffee table book… now if only I had a coffee table to put it on lol.


loot crate dx review

Batman Bendable Figures Collection

This box features replicas of the old school bendable toys from back in the day. Inside you have: The Penguin, Robin, Batman, Catwoman, & The Joker from the original Batman TV show. It makes a great display inside the packaging but I think if you were to take them out they become pretty dull. I have mixed feelings about this item… it’s definitely cool but… I don’t know… it’s also kinda “meh”


loot crate dx review

OP.1984 Optimus Prime Long Sleeve Tee

As I was opening the Loot Crate DX box I was thinking to myself “please don’t let the Transformer item be a shirt, please don’t let the Transformer item be a shirt” and, of course, it’s the shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I love this shirt! The design is great and Optimus Prime is like my 3rd favorite transformer so there’s that. I only wish that a company like Loot Crate could get with Hasbro for an exclusive or even a Loyal Subjects figure …something other than a shirt. Ah well… it is what it is.


loot crate dx review

…and that was the Loot Crate DX “Origins” box for January 2017. Overall I think they did a decent job with the box… it definitely fit the theme perfectly. The items are also great quality and worth more than the cost of the box but… well there just wasn’t anything in there to get really excited over.

Next month though… there is plenty to get excited over with their new “Build” theme for February 2017! The box will feature: Game of Thrones, Tetris, Fantastic Beasts, and a Robotech item!! Yes I said a freaking Robotech item!!! (Please don’t let it be the shirt, please don’t let it be the shirt lol)

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