Loot Crate “Origins” Coupon Code!

loot crate coupon code

Time is running out if you want to get in on the Loot Crate “Origins” theme for January 2016! Orders will remain open until January 19th at 9pm (pacific) so as of this posting that leaves just 10 days!


loot crate origins spoilers

loot crate origins spoilers

loot crate origins spoilers

In the Loot Crate box you can expect to see: Superman, TMNT, Marvel, & Nintendo. The Marvel item has been confirmed that it will be Captain America while the Nintendo item is from Donkey Kong. What is known is that we will get a “mini replica” of some sort & some “drinkware” in the box.

The Loot Crate DX will feature: Superman, Batman, & the Transformers and so far all we know is that there will be a long sleeve tee & a hardcover book in this month’s box.

For the Loot Wear “Origins Collection” we have a bit more information:

Loot Socks will feature SUPERMAN & SUPER MARIO BROS.
Loot Underwear is STEVEN UNIVERSE
Loot Tees will have an awesome TEENAGE MUTANT NIINJA TURTLES shirt
Loot Wearables will be something from DUNGEONS & DRAGONS

If you would like to subscribe to any of the Loot Crate “Origins” subscriptions, please use my affiliate link at LootCrate.com/TheNerfHerder by clicking here. All sales made using my links help to support this website for which I am eternally grateful!

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