BAM! Box “Anniversary” Spoilers & Coupon Code!

bam box anniversary spoilers

In January 2017, the BAM! Box turns a year old! To celebrate this, they have rolled out the “Anniversary” box which they call the “best of box” from the last year!


bam box anniversary spoilers

So far what we know is that there will definitely be a Jason hockey mask signed by Ari Lehman in every box. It will also have animation cels that are hand painted one-of-a-kind from 80’s and 90’s cartoons as well. Chris Uminga (he did the Nurse Joker print from the R.I.P. box) and Rocky Davies (he did the Slimer prints for the 80’s box) are both back for prints in this box too. Everything else that will be in the box has been a closely guarded secret and I haven’t seen or heard anything so far. I do know that just these items mentioned will definitely make this an epic box!!


bam box anniversary coupon code

So what are you waiting for??? Don’t miss what is sure to be the box everyone will be talking about for months! Don’t risk waiting too long and find out they have sold out on you… I’m telling you jump on this one right now!

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Be sure to check back and catch my review! I have a feeling this will be really good… if any company can live up to the hype it’s the BAM! Box!