Loot Wear “Magical” Collection Unboxing & Review – November 2016

loot wear magical review

The majority of the Loot Wear “Magical” Collection for November 2016 was delayed into December due to unknown shipping issues. My Loot Undies arrived weeks ago but the Loot Tees only came a few days before the rest of the collection. I could have reviewed them individually but since Loot Wear send them to me free of charge to review it’s just cleaner and easier to report back with a single review. If you don’t know about the Loot Wear subscriptions I will fill you in… The Loot Wear collection is made up of 5 separate subscriptions: Loot Tees, Loot Socks, Loot Undies, Loot Wearables, and Loot for Her. The monthly theme always mirrors that of the regular Loot Crate boxes and they tend to give you pretty strong hints on what to expect which I usually try to provide for you. So… anxious to see what this month’s “Magical” theme had to offer? Check out my unboxing…


…ok and let’s get a closer look at each of these subscriptions…


loot wear loot tees review

Loot Tees $9/month: Doctor Strange Ugly Holiday Tee

This months design is like an ugly Christmas sweater design featuring Doctor Strange. Last year they had a similar design in the regular Loot Crate box (although it was not Doctor Strange related). I like the look of this shirt and the Loot Tees are always super comfy. Even though I’m not a Doctor Strange fan, this is abstract enough that I don’t mind wearing it around.


loot wear loot socks review

Loot Socks $10/month: Doctor Strange & Harry Potter Socks

With Loot Socks, you always get 2 pair of geeky socks every month. This month we got Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto socks and some Harry Potter Mascot Socks. While, again, I’m not big on Doctor Strange so those socks will go to my kids this month but I’m really loving those Harry Potter socks! The little printed characters on there are adorable …and yes I feel secure saying that as a grown man lol.


loot wear loot undies review

Loot Undies $10/month: Lemongrab Adventure Time Underwear

This is the second month for the new Loot Undies subscription. Last month’s underwear I included in a giveaway on my YouTube channel since they were not in my size. So this is the first month that I actually got to try these out. (no I wasn’t about to model them for you lol… I tried to get my girlfriend to do it though but she refused). They always come as boxer-briefs… well at least for the moment as there is talk of having a girls cut in the future. They fit really well and even though I don’t watch Adventure Time I don’t mind wearing these since they’re underwear.


loot wear loot wearables review

Loot Wearables $15/month: Harry Potter Crest Logo Pants

I have a thing for pajama pants and I’m not sure why. Like as soon as I get home from work, the regular pants come off and the jammie pants come on. These pants are super comfortable and my only complaint would be that they don’t have any pockets. I probably should have taken a better picture of the pattern but I was having fun playing fashion model and got carried away. The design features the crests from the different houses in Harry Potter. They’re made to look like old sewn on patches and even have an aged look to them.


loot wear loot for her review

Loot for Her $15/month: Kingdom Hearts Icons Scarf

I know in the grand scheme of things girls tend to wear scarves more than guys… but I’m totally a scarf wearer and will be wearing this one this winter! I never played Kingdom Hearts much, however, I did like it when I played it. Plus this design is really pretty open to interpretation even if you’ve never played the game. The scarf feels like it’s really high quality… like it’s double layered and really wide for extra warmth. I like it much better than my old plain boring one from years past.


loot wear review

…and that was the Loot Wear “Magical” Collection for November 2016. As a whole I think they did a great job this month with my favorite being (of course) the jammie pants! Next month’s theme is “Revolution” and is featuring: an Invader Zim Tee, Mr. Robot & Guardians of the Galaxy Socks, a Rick & Morty hoodie for the Wearable & for the Undies, and Spider Gwen in the Loot for Her.

You can bundle subscriptions to save money too! Bundle the Wearables with the Socks for $21/month. AND JUST ANNOUNCED, THE NEW RISKY BUSINESS BUNDLE…

loot wear risky business bundle

This is a REALLY GREAT DEAL! The Risky Business bundle is a reference to the 80s movie starring Tom Cruise and the iconic scene where he slides across the floor in a shirt, socks, and underwear. So yes you guessed it, the bundle includes the Loot Tees, Loot Socks, & Loot Undies subscriptions for only $17! These 3 subs by themselves run $29 if purchased separately… PLUS if you subscribe this month they will include a pair on sunglasses to the bundle to complete the look! That’s a heck of a deal!


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