Loot Wear “Horror” Unboxing & Review – October 2016

loot wear review

October’s Loot Wear subscriptions were delayed into November due to unknown shipping issues. The theme for the month was “Horror” and featured franchises like “The Walking Dead”, “Shaun of the Dead”, & “Edward Scissorhands”. If you’re unaware, Loot Wear is actually 5 different geeky apparel subscription services from Loot Crate which are: Loot Tees, Loot Socks, Loot Undies, Loot Wearables, & Loot for Her. I am fortunate enough to have the entire Loot Wear collection sent to me for review so sit back and check out my unboxing before we get into more detail about each.


…so if you skipped out on the video, I will point out that for this month I didn’t receive any of the items in my size (which I guess happens since they’re sent to me free) which is fine because it gives me a reason to hold a giveaway on my YouTube channel soon. But the items were far too large to model for you so you don’t get to see the gear in action lol.


loot tees review

Loot Tees – $9/month – Shaun of the Dead T-Shirt

Loot Tees is the least expensive of the Loot Wear subscriptions. Every month you get a licensed geeky t-shirt that is exclusive to Loot Wear. I’m a huge Shaun of the Dead fan so I love this month’s shirt design. It’s a simple mash-up of the items they used to attack the zombies towards the beginning of the film… with some added zombie hands for effect. It’s a nice quality cotton tee and in general the Loot Tees fit very well and are super comfortable!


loot socks review

Loot Socks – $10/month – Nightmare Before Christmas & The Walking Dead Socks

With Loot Socks you get 2 pair of licensed geeky socks every month. The Nightmare Before Christmas socks are from Bioworld which is known for making quality geeky apparel. The Jack Skellington & Oogie Boogie design is the same on both sides of the sock & has a nice reinforced toe area in order to prevent holes. The Walking Dead socks are more of a standard type sock with images of various weapons all over including “Lucille”.


loot underwear review

Loot Undies – $10/month – The Walking Dead Boxer Briefs

Loot Undies is the newest addition to the Loot Wear collection. Like the others, each month you will receive a pair of licensed geeky underwear. At the moment they only come in the boxer brief style but I have heard that Loot Crate is hinting at offering girl’s styles in the future. This month’s undies happen to match the Walking Dead socks if you noticed… I dont think that will be the case every month but it is definitely cool. I can’t speak to the comfort and fit of these since they came too big for me to use but they look pretty high quality in my opinion.


loot wearables review

Loot Wearables – $15/month – Alien Weyland-Yutani Long Sleeve Tee

Loot Wearables is more of a toss up every month on the type of item you will receive. Most often it’s a long sleeve shirt such as this one but we have also received items like pj pants & hoodies in the past. I felt like this month’s shirt was a little plain. I figure most everyone you encounter will have no idea what this shirt is even about which is kind of a bummer. The shirt itself looks nice with the button collar and the blue/ gray color scheme. It’s also tagless which is a HUGE plus for me since I am the type who needs to cut them out of all my shirts lest they slowly drive me insane all day lol.


loot for her review

Loot For Her – $15/month – Edward Scissorhands Raglan Shirt

Loot for Her is another one with varying item types every month. It evolved from the “Level Up Accessories” subscription which used to include jewelry and such. I believe Loot for Her is most likely going to stick with clothing items such as this shirt, sleep shorts, leggings, etc. You can see from the picture that it is definitely styled for girls over the standard straight cut tees like we got in the Wearables. I love the “Hold Me… I Can’t” design on this shirt and if it came in a men’s style… I would definitely wear it.


loot wear review

…and that was the Loot Wear “Horror” collection for October 2016. I think they did a great job with the franchises & designs this month. I think I’m most excited about the new Loot Undies subscription since it’s unlike anything else around.

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