Tokyo Treat – Japanese Candy Subscription Unboxing & Review – July 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a snack subscription box and I have to admit that I miss it! The Tokyo Treat Japanese candy subscription box is one of my favorites because I love trying strange and exotic candies from the other side of the planet. The Tokyo Treat comes in 3 sizes: the Small ($15/month), Regular ($25/month), and the Premium ($35/month). Like always, I got the Premium sized box so check out what I got in my video unboxing and then we can take a closer look at the goodies below!



…alright now that I’ve had a chance to try everything I will tell you my thoughts. I was so eager to eat some of the candies after making the video that I never had a chance to photograph them so I had to borrow a few pictures…


tokyo treat fortune pills

Fortune-telling Chocolate Pills (Dagashi Kashi)

Unfortunately since I couldn’t read the writing on the package I just gobbled these down without thinking about it. As it turns out, inside the Tokyo Treat magazine they explained how to tell your fortune with them… ah well… I’m sure my furtunes were all “very good” right?


tokyo treat pokemon

Pokémon Gummy

Gummies are one of my favorites and with Pokémon Go being so popular right now these couldn’t have come at a better time. They are very soft and delicious.


tokyo treat milk chips

Milk-flavored Potato Chips

I have to admit, I didn’t think I would like these but it turns out they taste amazing! It’s not like a regular milk flavor, if I had to guess it’s like a sweet cream flavor …the sweet blends perfectly with the salty chip and I downed the whole bag in just a few short minutes.


tokyo treat shrimp

Shrimp Crackers

These sound a little gross, and they smell very fishy but they taste pretty good. In the end though, the smell just ruined it for me and I don’t think I would have them again.


tokyo treat pocky

Brazilian Orange Pocky

OMG these are SOOO GOOOD! I love orange candy and I love all things Pocky so when you put them together, it’s pure heaven!


tokyo treat soy

Soybean Flour Mochi Rice Cake DIY

This was ok. The DIY part was just mixing up the little powder packets which would have probably just been better if it were pre-mixed in my opinion.


tokyo treat gummy

Calpis Gummy

These are milk flavored gummies. I had already tried the chips before tearing into these so I knew not to expect a plain old milk taste. They are very sweet and delicious!


tokyo treat thomas

Thomas & Friends Chocolate Pretzel Sticks

Like I said in the video, I ate these as soon as the camera turned off. They are exactly the same as Pocky just with the Thomas picture on the box.


tokyo treat anpanman

Anpanman Ramune Candy

These are a hard candy similar to sweet tarts. I have a weakness for these and found myself finishing them off rather quickly.


tokyo treat hearts

Cocotama Snack

These little pink strawberry hearts are delicious. I am not familiar with the characters on the bag but they taste good just the same.


tokyo treat toilet

Moko Moko Mokolet Toilet DIY Candy 3

I actually haven’t done this one yet. I think I want to make a video out of it just for fun but I am undecided. I love the whole idea of it though and I plan on keeping my decorated toilet on display after I’m done.


tokyo treat peach drink

Marutake Peach Drink

I was initially going to freeze this for a frozen treat as they suggested but when I was eating all of the candy after my video I washed it down with this delicious drink!


tokyo treat yokai

Yokai Watch Chocolate

I’ve never seen the show but I am able to recognize the Yokai watch characters when I see them. I’m not sure, but I think the colored parts of this chocolate sucker were flavored… it was very good!


tokyo treat thunder

Black Thunder Gold

This was SO good! They say it’s one of the most popular candy bars in Japan and I believe it! It’s chocolate with a cookie center with a hint of coconut.


tokyo treat thomascandy

Thomas & Friends Chewing Candy

Very much like a stick of gum only it’s candy and you can swallow it.


tokyo treat dragonball

Dragon Ball Heroes Snack 5

These are a cheese curl type snack with an attached Dragon Ball Z collectors card. They are tasty but somewhat bland compared to Cheetos.


tokyo treat box

…and that was my Tokyo Treat box for July 2016. I must say it was a very good selection of candies and snacks unlike anything that I could get around here. If you want to see the break down of what items came in the different sized boxes I have a photo of the spoiler card below.

tokyo treat book

If you want to subscribe to the Tokyo Treat box, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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