Loot Crate May 2016 Theme Reveal, Spoilers, & Coupon Code!

loot crate reviews

I haven’t even received all of my April Loot Crate boxes yet and we are already talking about the May 2016 Box! The theme is:


loot crate may 2016 review

…”POWER”! Which will feature items from Marvel, Warcraft, & Dragon Ball Z. So far all that has been confirmed is that there will be a kitchen item & a figure in the box. I, for one, am excited to know what the figure will be! Since there is no mention of Funko anywhere my bet is that it is definitely not a Pop or anything of that type.

They also released a new Coupon Code “POWERUP” which will Save you $3 off of your first box!

Loot Crate runs $20/month and if you would like to subscribe to the Power crate, please use my affiliate link by clicking here.


loot crate dx spoilersMy April Loot Crate DX box should be arriving any day now but for May 2016 they are featuring: Marvel, Masters of the Universe, & Street Fighter! One being a Die Cast Figure (Marvel?), a “Heroic” wearable (He-Man??), & a “Powerful” shirt (Street Fighter???). Those are my guesses based off the hints given and not guaranteed in any way. I’m still not 100% sure what to even expect in their first box yet so if you’re on the fence about a $50/month subscription.. make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel where my unboxing will get posted shortly after it arrives.

If you want to try Loot Crate DX for yourself, please use my affiliate link by clicking here.


loot pets spoilers

…and let’s not forget those geeky pups out there! All they are giving up for the Loot Pets “Power” Crate is that there will be a Megaman item in the box… plus the usual treats and matching shirts for you and your dog.

Here’s my affiliate link for Loot Pets if you want to give it a try!


loot crate level up

Last but certainly not least we have the Loot Crate Level Up. Featuring: Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Masters of the Universe, & Super Mario!

The T-Shirt subscription runs $9/month

2 pair of geeky Socks go for $10/month

The Wearables is $15/month

And the Accessories subscription is also $15/month

…at this point it’s not clear what fandoms are going with which items but the advertising does say “powerful socks” so if I were to bet on it my money would be on LOTR and He-Man. I will certainly keep you updated as more spoilers get released.

If you want to subscribe to any of the Loot Crate Level Up subscriptions, please use my affiliate link by clicking here.

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