Time is Running Out for the Loot Crate Level Up “Quest” Collection + Spoilers

level up quest spoilers

There are less than 7 days left to get in on this month’s Loot Crate Level Up Offerings! Tuesday the 19th is the magic cut off day so if you’ve been debating it… now is the time!

Level Up has released some MAJOR spoilers for this month’s “Quest” collection so if you’re interested in learning more before you order… I’ve got it all right here for you!


loot crate level up review

…as you can see they’ve all but just flat out shown the items this month lol. So what do we have:

Accessories $15/month – For the Accessories this month you’re getting some Star Trek leggings which marks the first time I believe they haven’t done a jewelry piece for this subscription.

Wearable $15/month – The Wearable is a Princess Bride baseball tee… I’m excited to see what the image will be!

T-Shirt $9/month – I am a HUGE Goonies fan and my money is on some type of Sloth shirt!

Socks $10/month – Socks are going to the video games with Zelda & Kingdom Hearts which are both really solid games!

Then, of course, you can Bundle the Wearables & Socks for $21/month or the Accessories & T-Shirt for $20/month if you want to save on more than one subscription.

ALSO you can use Coupon Code “NERFHERDER” to Save 10% off your first month of ANY Level Up subscription!

If you would like to try any of the Loot Crate Level Up subscriptions for yourself, please use my affiliate link LootCrate.com/TheNerfHerder by clicking here to order!


loot crate quest

DON’T FORGET about the original Loot Crate! For $20/month you will get exclusive items from Harry Potter, Uncharted 4, Vikings, & Labyrinth in this month’s “Quest” themed box.

loot crate bonus item

PLUS get a bonus Zelda item with coupon code “HYRULE” this month!

If you plan on signing up for the Regular Loot Crate subscription, please use this affiliate link instead of the above link. (They are different programs). And remember, all sales made using my links go right back to help support this site. Thank You!