Nerd Block Classic “Parody” Spoilers – 7 Days Left to Order!

nerd block review

There are still 7 days left to get in on the Nerd Block Classic “Parody” Box!

nerd block spoilers

This month’s box seems like it’s going to be pretty epic since it’s curated by Weird Al himself! Naturally there will be a Weird Al item in the box (major spoiler below!) but also items from: Archer, Family Guy, & Spaceballs! (Spaceballs is not specifically mentioned but is featured in this month’s graphic). There is good reason to believe that one item will be a Weird Al / Simpsons item given that it is also in the graphic and in the advertising on the Nerd Block website.

One item that is definitely going to be in the box is….. BEWARE SPOILER….


nerd block review

Weird Al the Book! I do like when Nerd Block includes books in the block… and especially a Weird Al book because I’m such a huge fan! I even saw him in concert once and it was every bit as funny and entertaining as his videos! I’m anxious to get his book so I’m not upset at all that they released this spoiler so early.

Nerd Block Classic runs $30/month and subscriptions for April end on the 15th so time is running out!

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