Bombfell – Men’s Fashion Subscription Box Review – April 2016

Bombfell review

Bombfell is drastically different than the subscription boxes I normally review. It’s been called “the Stitch Fix for men” which means you get a personal stylist to create looks and select clothes for you every month. The service itself is free, meaning there’s no designer fee, shipping, or return charge. You only pay for what you keep. The clothes are all high quality, known designer brands and the service is highly customizable in order to ensure you get exactly what you want.

So why did I decide to give Bombfell a try? Well, I wear alot of T-Shirts… and when I say “alot” I really mean that T-shirts are all I ever wear outside of work. This is great for me but no so great for my girlfriend who would like to see me in something nicer once in a while. She reviews fashion subscription boxes like Stitch Fix and when she found out there was a “Stitch Fix for guys” out there she suggested I give it a try.

Sign up was simple but a little involved. You’re asked a series of questions that all help your stylist get to know you and what type of clothing you like. You input everything from your measurements, to style & fit preferences, color and type of clothing you are looking to receive. Then before your first box ships, you receive an email detailing the items your stylist has selected for you. There are no surprises here so if they aren’t what you are looking for, simply reject the items and they will repick for you. If everything looks good, they ship… if nothing looks good, you can just skip the month or stop the service altogether without any charges or penalties.

We rejected 2 out of the 3 items originally picked for me. The second selection looked promising so we decided to have them shipped. Would you like to see how everything arrived? Check out my unboxing…


…alright now have a look at all 3 items and how they fit on me…


bombfell review

Mavi Josh Bootcut Jeans $98

I’ve never owned or tried on a pair of Mavi jeans but my girlfriend loves them. At $98 they were a bit pricey for my tastes but I was willing to give them a try. These jeans are INCREDIBLY soft and the fit was AMAZING! I have a hard time finding jeans that fit the way I like and these were better than even my favorite go-to worn out jeans that I’ve had forever.

bombfell review

Mavi Jeans Status: KEPT!

I have a habit of buying cheap jeans that I wind up never wearing because of fit issues so I’m going to bit the bullet and get me a nice pair that I will definitely wear! I have my $25 credit from signing up that will soften the blow a bit.



bombfell review

Our Castle Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt $62

This shirt is definitely my style. I like the color, I like the fit… but do I like the price tag? Not so much. The fabric is pretty standard but didn’t feel “designer” so-to-speak. The pocket on the front also had a strange seam all the way across the left side of the shirt which looked a bit odd. It fit me pretty good and I felt I looked decent in it as well.

bombfell review

Our Castle Shirt Status: Returned

In the end I decided not to keep the shirt. The $62 price tag just seemed too steep for a shirt that didn’t look or feel any different than one at half the cost. My girlfriend wasn’t very impressed with it either so back it goes.


bombfell review

Our Castle Insulated Canvas Jacket $160

I really need a new spring jacket so I was glad that one was included in the box. The jacket buttons up, was very warm from the insulation, and looked pretty good on me. The fit wasn’t the best though and I felt like I could burst the seams by moving my arms just the right way.

bombfell review

Our Castle Jacket Status: Returned

In the end it was just too warm for spring & the fit wasn’t the best. The $160 price tag also went above the limit we had set for an item of this type so back it went.

…and that was my Bombfell men’s fashion subscription box for April 2016. In the end, I absolutely love the jeans and it was worth getting this box just for those. I’m going to keep this subscription as long as I can find at least one item worth keeping in every box. Once you schedule your return and finalize your purchse, you can set a date for your next shipment. We picked the end of May and will probably focus on summer clothes to see what my stylist picks out this time.

If you would like to try Bombfell for yourself, you can get $25 OFF your first purchase by using my affiliate link here. By using my link we both get a $25 discount which is a win-win if you ask me! Remember, if you try the service and don’t like anything, there is absolutely no cost to you so what have you got to lose right??

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