Loot Gaming April Theme Reveal + Spoilers

loot gaming review

Loot Gaming just announced their theme for April 2016. The April box technically wont be delivered until May though and we are still waiting on the premiere box which should be shipping out “any day now”… I guess I will still call it their April box if that’s how they want to do it lol. So, you ready for the theme…

loot gaming april spoilers

…they’re calling it “METRO” and it will feature items from: The Division, Mirror’s Edge, Resident Evil, Fallout 4, & Bioshock 2! One item that is confirmed is an exclusive DLC skin for The Division but I assume there will be an actual Division item in the box as well.

I’m sure the box will be awesome but it always makes me a bit uneasy when I sign up for a brand new box and get billed for the second one before receiving the first. I’m sure after this initial hiccup the billing cycle will get on track like the rest of Loot Crate’s boxes.

Loot Gaming runs $30/month and if you would like to subscribe, please use my affiliate link by clicking here. All sales made using my links go right back to help support this site. Thank You!

Be sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel as the premiere Loot Gaming box will hit there before I get it posted here!