Loot Crate Level Up “VS” Unboxing & Review + Coupon Code – March 2016

loot crate level up review

Well this is it! My first month being sponsored by Loot Crate Level Up! I used to subscribe to the Level Up Wearables & if you follow me you know that I was really liking the service. Well someone over at Loot Crate liked what I was doing and now they are sending me ALL of the Loot Crate Level Up items to review each month! If you don’t know about the Level Up service it is a geeky apparel and accessory subscription from Loot Crate (of course). There are 4 services to choose from: T-Shirt, Socks, Wearables, & Accessories… PLUS they offer 2 different bundles at a discounted price if you want to double up on your geekyness. The theme for March 2016 was “VS” and I’ll go over each service in detail below but first, check out my unboxing video…


…alright what did you think?? Well here is a closer look at all of the items…


level up t shirt review

Loot Crate Level Up Battleship T Shirt

For the Level Up Tee we got a “You Sank My Battleship” shirt that is a definite old-school throwback! Battleship was one of my favorite games as a kid. Over the years I’ve had the original Battleship to the Electronic Battleship and even for my kids I got them a G.I. Joe version of the classic Battleship game. The shirt itself is super soft and like all the Loot Crate shirts, maintains it’s softness even after multiple washes. The design is simple, yet stirs up nostalgia in most people so this was a definite win!

The Level Up T-Shirt Service runs $9/month shipped


level up socks review

Loot Crate Level Up Socks – Shield vs Hydra & Mario vs Bowser

This is my first time with the Level Up Socks subscription. Each month you get 2 pair of geeky socks. They are extremely soft and appear to be very well made which hopefully means they wont wear holes in them any time soon. The SHIELD vs HYDRA socks are mis-matched so to speak as one pattern is on each sock. As you can see though when you put them together they match exactly. The Mario vs Bowser socks, on the other hand, are both Mario on the front and Bowser is on the back. So even though they appear to be mis-matched, one is simply flipped over to show the back.

The Level Up Socks service runs $10/month shipped for 2 pair


level up wearables review

Loot Crate Level Up Wearables – Captain America Civil War Shirt

So far, 3 out of the 5 Wearables I have received have been long sleeve shirts. They are great quality, licensed, and geeky the way I like it… I have also received some PJ pants & a hoodie in previous months. I’m curious if they will add shorts or something over the summer… that’s something I would like to see happen. So this month we got the Captain America Civil War shirt. If you turn your head one way it reads “Iron Man” and if you turn it the other way “Captain America”. I think it’s a really cool design that will make people look twice at the words in order to figure it out.

The Level Up Wearables service runs $15/month shipped


level up accessories review

Loot Crate Level Up Accessories – Dawn of Justice Hair Ribbons & Bestie Necklace

The Accessories subscription is obviously geared more towards geeky girls. You generally get a jewelry piece and a second item such as the hair tie ribbons from this month. The hair ribbons are elastic and stretchy. They are just a simple loop that is tied on one end. The Bestie necklaces will have you fighting over who gets to be Batman and who’s Superman lol. Or maybe you just want to keep them all to yourself so you can be both. The Superman charm has just a touch of black in the grooves so that the “S” stands out. It would have been cool if there was a way to snap them together to make the Batman vs Superman logo but they don’t so you will have to use the power of friendship to make that happen (as in hold them together yourself lol)

The Level Up Accessories service runs $15/month shipped and you typically get 2-3 items each month.


loot crate level up review

…and that was the Loot Crate Level Up “VS” Theme for March 2016. As I mentioned in the beginning you can save money by purchasing one of their Level Up Bundles. Bundle the Wearables & Socks for just $21/month or go with the T-Shirt and Accessories bundle for only $20/month.

Even better you can SAVE 10% OFF your first Level Up subscription with my Coupon Code “NERFHERDER”!

If you would like to try one of the Loot Crate Level Up services, please use my affiliate link by going to LootCrate.com/TheNerfHerder. All sales made using my links go right back to help support this site. ALSO, my continued affiliation with Loot Crate Level Up will allow me to bring you some awesome giveaways in the future!

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