Loot Crate April Theme Reveal + Spoilers & Coupon Codes

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This just in… Loot Crate announced the theme for April 2016! They’ve decided to follow up the March “VS” theme with….


loot crate quest spoilers

…”Quest”. So what do we know about the “Quest” box? Well they are revealing quite a bit this time actually. Just a warning these are potentially big spoilers although they are not entirely specific. The box will feature items from Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Uncharted 4, and Vikings. They also gave 3 item hints: a “T-Shirt for the voodoo you do, stylishly magical socks, & an item to toast victory”. So what can we gather from all of this? The shirt is almost definitely Labyrinth, the socks are more than likely Harry Potter, and there will be some sort of Vikings cup, mug, or shot glass in the box. They usually don’t give that much information out so I’m not sure exactly what to take from that but I suppose it helps to generate some excitement.

Loot Crate runs $20/month and if you would like to subscribe to the “Quest” box, please use my affiliate link by clicking here.



loot crate spoilers

…also in case you missed it. Loot Crate just launched the Loot Crate DX box! For $50/month you are supposed to get bigger, higher quality items than the original $20 box. All exclusives in true Loot Crate fashion. There is no announced theme for the first box but it will feature Adventure Time, Legend of Zelda, & World of Warcraft. 


loot pets review

…also the Loot Pets box for April is going to feature 2 shirts. One for you and one for your dog… apparently “Bacon-y” themed. Previously the shirt matched the regular Loot Crate shirt but they changed going forward. The themes announced are Battlepug, and Adventure Time.  Loot Pets is $25/month and always includes some all natural treats & a toy for your favorite dog.


loot crate level up spoilers

Loot Crate Level Up is also sticking to the “Quest” theme including: Goonies for the T-Shirt, Princess Bride for the Wearable, & Legend of Zelda for the Socks subscription. (Based off of the above hints) The other 2 themes shown are Star Trek & Kingdom Hearts. Possibly for the Accessories but I can’t confirm that at the moment.

The T-Shirt subscription runs $9/month

Socks are 2 for $10/month

The Wearable subscription is $15/month

& Accessories is also $15/month

Level Up also offers bundles of the Wearables & Socks for $21 or the Accessories & Shirt for $20!

If you would like to try any of the Level Up subscriptions, please use this affiliate link by clicking here. (It’s a different than the other Loot Crate services and is for Level Up only)


All sales made using my affiliate links go right back to help support this site. Naturally I will be reviewing all of these Loot Crate boxes as well as the Firefly, Loot Anime, and Loot Gaming crates so be sure to follow me on social media so you never miss another Loot Crate Review!