What’s On CONtv: The Greatest American Hero

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I’m starting a new segment today where I will be discussing different geeky TV & Movie programs. I’m calling it “What’s On CONtv” for the very simple reason that all of the content is coming from the CONtv video streaming service. If you’re not familiar with CONtv, they are partnered with Wizard World and stream digital content specifically geared towards geeks, nerds, and other comic con lovers. There is TONS of free, ad-supported content to watch on CONtv, or you may want to opt to sign up for the VIP membership. For just $5/month the VIP membership lets you watch ad-free and gives you access to the entire CONtv library of TV shows, Movies, and exclusive up-close interviews with your favorite celebrities and Comic Con guest panels! For more information or to start streaming, please use my link by clicking here.

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What’s On CONtv Episode 1: The Greatest American Hero

As I was browsing the selection on CONtv, one show in particular just jumped out at me… The Greatest American Hero. This TV series aired from 1981 to 1983 and I have a very vague memory of it from when I was a child. The story revolves around school teacher Ralph Hinkley and FBI agent Bill Maxwell… and a crazy super suit that was given to them by aliens in order for them to help save the world… only poor old Ralph lost the directions on how the suit works. Yes that is, in fact, the whole plot of the show.


contv greatest american hero

So as cheesy as it sounds… I was expecting to see real horrible special effects and terrible acting (I was far too young to know anything other than there is a funny guy in a suit way back when lol) …and yet surprisingly …there is the makings of a really good show here. The key is that they KNOW how corny the plot is and the play into it instead of trying to make it out to be something that it’s not… good television lol.


contv review

…so I made it through the whole pilot episode where some good back story is established. You meet the strange aryan nation-type bad guy posse full of machine gun toting skinheads. You meet Ralph and his class of troubled “high school students” …and I put that in quotes because some of them look older than he is lol. Then, of course, there’s Bill… who looks as if he’s at the end of his rope and somehow finds purpose in life by helping Ralph in the Super Hero business.


contv review

…and thus the show begins. Watch as Ralph bumbles his way through saving the day with powers he doesn’t even know he has. Watch him fly into brick walls and throw large men across a room with little to no effort. You would think he would find a safe place to practice his moves but then …whats the fun in that? I don’t understand why this show hasn’t made it’s way back into pop culture these days the current trend of superhero & nostalgia mix is hot right now. I think maybe even a reboot is in order!

In the end though, I think this small piece of nerdy television history has long been forgotten by the masses and may never come back. I probably wont make it through the entire series but I do plan on continuing the journey with Ralph for at least a few more episodes!

The Greatest American Hero is free to stream right now on CONtv. Whether you watch for free or sign up to be a VIP, please use my affiliate link by clicking here.

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