Wurkbench – Adult Products Subscription Box Review – March 2016

wurkbench review

*NOTE* This post contains sexual references and is for mature readers only. I will keep things as clean and tasteful as one can be given the subject matter. This box was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

My fiancé and I are no strangers to fun in the bedroom. We discovered early on that we shared the same sense of adventure that led to many a memorable night… day … entire weekend …ya know, new relationship stuff. 😉 As the years pass though… there is a natural tendency to “vanilla out” and fall into a routine of convenience and leave all of the adventure behind. I wont go so far as to say we are boring these days but definitely not at the level we once were. I found Wurkbench one day in my search for new and different subscription boxes to review and it definitely piqued my interest. A box like this could definitely bring the spice back into the bedroom!

wurkbench review

…so what is Wurkbench? Well it’s an adult product subscription box that is custom tailored to your preferences. The boxes are shipped quarterly, not monthly, and come in 3 tiers. The “Fantasy Box” contains 4+ products for $70, the “Sexy Time” box has 5+ for $100, & the “Pleasure Chest” is the biggest and best for $130. All the products included in the box are 40% off the retail price meaning the ultimate “Pleasure Chest” has over $200 worth of fun inside! Shipping is discrete as you can see by the above box so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes trying to get into your business lol.

So before we get into the box, lets talk a little bit about the sign up process. Once you select your box you will be given a short survey to fill out so that you only get what you want in the box. First they get to know about your relationship status and sexual orientation so that you only get products relevant to you and your partner (if applicable). Then they want to establish your comfort level, from conservative to kinky. Maybe you only want candles, creams, & oils to set just the right mood… OR maybe “50 Shades of Grey” is more your style… either way you only get what you are comfortable getting.

So… what was in our box?? Well check it out!


wurkbench review

50 Shades of Grey Nipple Teasers

These use air pressure to draw circulation into the area causing them to become more sensitive. There’s a little bit of a learning curve if you are trying these for the first time because too much suction can be painful (unless that’s what you’re going for).


wurkbench review

Sex & Mischief Jeweled Flogger

Who doesn’t like a good spanking right? This flogger is about 28″ long and is made with faux leather. It looks much more intimidating than it really is… I know we both looked at each other funny when we opened the box but the truth is that it doesn’t have much power so I would say the risk of accidentally hurting your partner is very low. It does, however, require a bit of practice to get the technique right.


wurkbench review

Rechargeable Magic Massager

No batteries needed! This massager is rechargeable via the included USB cord and has many different speed / frequency settings. This thing is like a jackhammer and despite what you may be thinking… we have been ACTUALLY using it as a massager lol. A little boring yes but it works wonders on my back! That’s not saying it wont be used for other purposes in the future…


wurkbench review

Utimi Under the Bed Restraint System

Let’s face it… ties may have been ok in “50 Shades” but I have to wear those to work every day. Handcuffs hurt and don’t get me started on the whole “I lost the key” scenarios. Everybody’s done it at some point so why not do it right? The cuffs are soft and attach with Velcro so getting out of them is very possible without much effort. Escapability can be a very important factor for first timers. Plus when you’re done you can just tuck them under the bed where no one will ever see them.


wurkbench review

…and that was our Wurkbench for March 2016. Some might feel what we got was a bit tame… some might be completely shocked …for us though, we think it was just right. This is exactly what we wanted… something to spice things up a little and to take us to places we might not have gone before.

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