Introducing Loot Crate DX – Now Live!

loot crate dx review

Out of left field Loot Crate launches ANOTHER box!?! Seriously did anyone even see this one coming? Normally I’m on top of these things but when I got the email today I was taken completely by surprise. So what exactly is Loot Crate DX? Well from what it sounds like it will be a sort of upgraded Loot Crate… and when I say upgraded I mean everything in the box should be a higher quality, more expensive item type than what is in the regular crate. This is the example they have provided:

loot crate dx review

…now the question is: would that be an example of the entire box or just a sample of the item types one could expect in the Loot Crate DX box? Well what do we know so far… we know that the first box will contain something from World of Warcraft, Adventure Time, and Legend of Zelda. Since I was caught off guard I didn’t have time to dig deeper into this just yet but as I learn more I will update this post.

Loot Crate DX runs $50/month shipped and promises to have $100+ worth of items in the box. If you want to get in on the premiere box, please use my affiliate link by clicking here. All sales made using my links go right back to help support this site. Thank You!

I, of course, immediately signed up for this box so look for my review as soon as it ships!