Nerd Block Boxing Day Sale 50% Off Coupon Code!

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Not only does Loot Crate have a Boxing Day sale, but Nerd Block has announced one as well!

Nerd Block coupon code

From now until January 1st, 2016 you can get 50% OFF ANY BLOCK with coupon code “BOXINGDAY“. This will go towards any January Block as it is only for a single month… but that means Nerd Block Classic, Nerd Block Jr, Sci-Fi Block, Arcade Block, & Horror Block are all included! They do not specifically say that you can only use the code once so it may be possible to subscribe to multiple blocks at the 50% off price! (Worth a try right?)

If you want to take advantage of this sale, please use my affiliate link by clicking here. All sales made using my links go right back to help support this site. Thank You!