The Ultimate Geeky Subscription Box Review – November 2015

geeky subscription box reviews

Another month of geeky subscription box reviews is in the book and it’s time for my recap. November’s review has been delayed because I got sick and lost my voice so I wasn’t able to make the video for almost a week. But no matter… I get them out eventually. If you’re new to this here’s how it works: all of the boxes have been fully reviewed already for the month and now I do a quick recap so you can see them all in one place. I talk about a few highlights, how much they cost, give them a rating, and link to the company’s website so you can check them out for yourself. So if you would rather watch than read… here’s the video…

…and now for the written portion. I try to group them by the size of the company and the biggest is naturally….



loot crate review

Loot Crate “Combat”

Loot Crate’s “Combat” was one that you either loved or hated. The exclusive Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobblehead made the box for me hands down! The other figures sell for $15 so it was practically the entire cost of the box right there. The rest was only so-so with the Mockingjay pin and Blizzard figure being the the only real items worth mentioning. Definitely worth the money for Fallout fans for sure but I can see how it could be kinda sucky if you’re not. I gave them a very respectable 4 out of 5 stars this month. Loot Crate runs $20/month and is the leader in bringing you exclusive merchandise each and every month. For more information or to subscribe, please use my affiliate link by clicking here.


loot crate level up

Loot Crate Level Up “Combat”

Ok so this isn’t really a box but I felt it was worth mentioning. I signed up for Loot Crate’s Level Up service to see what it was like. I went with the “Wearables” plan and got this awesome Attack on Titan Scout Regiment shirt. It gets no rating because it’s not a box but the plan runs $15/month for the Wearables or Accessories plans and $10/month for the socks plan. If you want to check out Loot Crate Level Up, you can visit their page here.


loot anime review

Loot Anime “Brawl”

Yes Loot Crate got alot of my money this month because I also signed up for Loot Anime. It was pretty decent for a first box although they played it a little too safe picking their items. I like the Attack on Titan mug and bandages… but bandages? really??? They opted for the Funko Anime Mystery Minis but they really should have went with a Nendoroid or something to really make an impression. I like the Naruto shirt design but the hash-marks all over make it a bit too busy for my tastes so I’m not sure that I will wear it. I like what Loot Crate is trying to do here and I will keep the subscription running. I’m giving the Loot Anime box an average 3 of 5 stars for an ok start. The subscription runs $30/month and I’m hoping they will eventually do more with the money like the original box. If you would like to subscribe, please use my link by clicking here.



nerd block november

Nerd Block “Tis the Season”

Nerd Block Classic launched Christmas early bringing this box out in November. I’m glad they did though because nothings worse than getting a box of Christmas stuff late and not be able to use it. I think they pulled out all the stops this month with the Exclusive Titans Sherlock figure, Moose Mug shot glass, and incredible Firefly Serenity ornament. This box was awesome! I give them a perfect 5 out of 5 stars for blowing me away! Nerd Block runs $30/month and you can check out their website or subscribe using my affiliate link here.


sci-fi block review

Sci-Fi Block “Premiere”

Nerd Block unveiled yet another addition to their box lineup with the Sci-Fi Block. I think they kicked things off pretty nicely with a Star Wars Funko Pop and that great Back to the Future shirt design and even a Claudia Wells autograph! Overall though it was a little bit sparse on items but that’s typical of a first launch box. I’m hoping for good things from the Sci-Fi Box in the months to come. I gave this one a decent 4 out of 5. Sci-Fi Box will run you $30/month and you can check them out for more info by clicking here.


geek fuel review

Geek Fuel

I really like what Geek Fuel did for this month but it has been brought to my attention that the Pac-Man salt and pepper shakers were in the Arcade Block a few months back so some people got a repeat item… not that the 2 boxes are related in any way or could they anticipate that happening when they ordered these months ago. That being said I think they had a great Star Wars shirt design, the Fallout poster is amazing, and Defense Grid 2 was actually on my Steam wishlist. I thought it deserved 4 out of 5 stars for a pretty decent box. Geek Fuel will set you back $24/month and you can check out their website by clicking here.


star wars smugglers bounty review

Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty

The looong anticipated Smuggler’s Bounty finally arrived! I was only slightly disappointed that Funko didn’t stray from their Collector Cops formula. Patch, Pin, Pops, Shirt… lanyard? Yep a stinkin lanyard in my Funko box. Otherwise I cant complain because… well it’s Star Wars! I’m rating it a 4 out of 5 only because they played it a bit too safe for my liking. Smuggler’s Bounty runs $34 every 2 months and you can check them out at


super geek box review

Super Geek Box “Legacy”

Super Geek Box did pretty good this month with Star Wars merchandise. You got a Funko Pop, Sith/Nike Shirt, Thant’s No Moon Magnet, & Koopa Storm Trooper Card. The 2 oddball items were the Tardis bag and …yes that is ANOTHER lanyard. I think they did great and you cant beat the price so I gave them 4 of 5 stars. Super Geek Box runs about $18/month and you can check out & subscribe via my affiliate link by clicking here.


geek me box review

Geek Me Box

Geek Me Box has been more miss than hit recently so it was nice to see them come back with a Funko Pop & awesome shirt design. The comic wasn’t bad either but then they lost me with the lanyard and terrible Angry Birds item. Unfortunately the good stuff doesn’t amount to what you pay for the box so they are getting the low score of 2 out of 5 stars. The box runs $30/month and if you want to check out Geek Me Box, you can do so by clicking here.


retro pop box review

Retro Pop Box “1960s”

This is Retro Pop Box’s first box and I’d say they are off to a decent start. This is the 1960’s decade but they also offer the 70s & 80s if that’s more your style. Obviously the Batman figure takes the cake here but it was all good nostalgia all around. Hopefully as they get things moving there will be a bit more included in the box as it was a bit sparse but still worth the money you pay for it. I gave them an average 3 out of 5 stars for a decent start. If you want to check out Retro Pop Box, click on this link here.


…and that was it for another month of geeky subscription box reviews. I have tons of exciting boxes coming in December so you will definitely want to check them out! Be sure to check back regularly, or better yet, subscribe to me on social media so you never miss out on another box!