Loot Crate Level Up “Combat Collection” Wearables – November 2015

loot crate level up review

I got my first Loot Crate Level Up already! Normally I just ignore the ads to “Level Up My Loot Crate” but after seeing some of the past month’s items I thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what it’s all about. I went with the Wearables subscription because they offered a discount code for that or the Accessories subscription (Coupon code FALL5 for $5 off, it may still work if you’re interested in trying). They also offer a Socks subscription which costs less and therefore wasn’t included in the sale. I did a quick video unboxing if you would like to see…


…or you can just check out the picture…


loot crate level up

Attack on Titan Scout Regiment Long Sleeve Tee

So this was the shirt for November’s Wearables Level Up. I only recently started watching Attack on Titan (due to all the hype and merchandise being shipped out) and I can definitely see what all the fuss is about. I’ve only done one binge watching session but I like what I see …I plan on continuing the series… well… eventually …after I’m done with Fallout 4 …and Star Wars Battlefront lol. But anyways, I really like the design and it feels well made so it was definitely worth the money.


loot crate level up

You can also see from the included spoiler book, the Accessories sub came with an awesome Fallout Nuka Cola bag and Hunger Games Mockingjay necklace, while the Socks sub came with Zombie Corps & Fallout designs. I was secretly hoping for some type of Fallout shirt but the AOT shirt will do just fine!

The Wearables & Accessories subscriptions run $15/month while the Socks are $10. With the FALL5 coupon code I only paid $10 for the shirt which made it all that much better. If that coupon is expired they also have coupon code LVL10 which will get you 10% OFF your first month!

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