Loot Crate “Combat” Unboxing & Review + Coupon Code – November 2015

Yessss I finally received my Loot Crate!! November’s theme was “Combat” and they promised many great things inside including an Exclusive Fallout 4 item! Normally I am one of the first to get Loot Crate each month but I believe they have changed their shipping schedules and I’ve been bumped to the back of the pack somehow. I know it’s fine as long as I get my box… but a lot of people have been burning up my site looking for my review. Well it’s finally here and I’m rushing to get it out there for you! So check out the video and I’ll meet you back after…


…alright I hope you enjoyed my video review, now on to the details…


loot crate review

TMNT Shredder Glasses

These are corny as hell but I like that about them. Yes I wore them through my entire video if you didn’t watch I highly suggest seeing it. I like the integrated sunglasses and may actually wear them out from time to time… awww who am I kidding the kid’s have already stolen them.


loot crate review

Loot Crate Exclusive Street Fighter “Hyper Looting” Comic

I believe this comic is entirely exclusive to Loot Crate and not just a variant cover. It’s a great deal thinner than a normal comic which leads me to believe it’s a special printing. I’ve played my fair share of Street Fighter back in the day so I can definitely appreciate this comic.


loot crate november review

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

I’m not entirely sure if this is a “new” Mockingjay pin as opposed to the original circle pin from the movies. Like maybe this is a prop replica from the latest movie or something… I suppose I could look it up, or go see the movie even. You can see the detail in the pin is actually quite stunning though and it makes a decent display piece all on it’s own.


loot crate reviews

Blizzard “Cute but Deadly” Mini Figures

I’ve never seen these figures before. It appears that Blizzard has teemed up with a company to make a rival product to the Funko Mystery Minis. Yes I know there are other blind box mini figures on the market but this one seems new and fresh. Plus check out the detail on this figure! It’s pretty amazing.


loot crate review

Blizzard “Cute but Deadly” Magnets

This seems more like a Blizzard promotional item than a collectible. Maybe that’s required by Blizzard in order for Loot Crate to get exclusive rights to products. Anyways, they are magnets which are way better than stickers but …well …they’re still just magnets lol.


loot crate review

Loot Crate Exclusive Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobblehead

Here it is! The crown jewel of the Loot Crate boxes lol. I am so excited to get this item! I’ve been wanting some Vault Boy bobbleheads for a while now but the entire Fallout 4 series will cost you a small fortune… the older Fallout 3 series will cost you an even larger one. I’m trying to get my hands on a second one so I can have one for home, and one for my desk at work.


loot crate review

…and that was the Loot Crate “Combat” geeky subscription box for November 2015. Obviously the Vault Boy made the whole box for me but I thought the rest of the items were pretty decent as well. For December they have announced the theme will be “Galaxy” featureing an Exclusive Star Wars the Force Awakens item AND an Exclusive Funko Pop (who knows maybe the Star Wars item IS the Funko Pop?) I’ve also decided to try out their Loot Crate Level Up service using a Coupon Code they sent out “FALL5” to Save $5 so be on the look out for that review. If you would like to subscribe to Loot Crate, please use my affiliate link by clicking here. All sales using my links go right back to supporting this website. BE SURE TO USE COUPON CODE “FB3” TO SAVE $3 OFF DECEMBER’s BOX!

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