Loot Crate Level Up “Fall Into Geeky Fashion” Coupon Code

loot crate level up coupon code

I’ve never really given much thought to the Loot Crate Level Up program. I’ve seen the ads but mostly just skimmed over them until today when an email caught my eye.

loot crate level up

The Loot Crate Level Up “Fall into Geeky Fashion” Sale! Use the code FALL5 to save $5 off NEW subscriptions to Level Up Wearables or Level Up Accessories (unfortunately Level Up Socks is not included in the sale).

With Level Up Wearables you get a premium shirt or other wearable such as hoodies, hats, or loungewear.

While Level Up Accessories is geared towards geeky females and features items such as scarves, jewelry, hair accessories, etc…

Im (obviously) going to try Level Up Wearables to see how I like it so look for my review next month! If you would like to take advantage of this coupon code, please use my affiliate link by clicking here. All sales help to support this website. Thank You!