Marvel Collector Corps “Villains” Unboxing & Review – October 2015

marvel collector corps review

It seems like only yesterday I was just writing up the last Marvel Collector Corps box… and yet it’s already been 2 months. For October the theme was “Villains” and I’ll admit I was excited to see that Venom was on the box which is usually an indication that he will be in the box. So how about we jump right in….


…alright so lets move on to the photos…


marvel collector corps review

Collector Corps Pin & Patch

I’m not much of a pin or patch person so I don’t really have a use for these at the moment… maybe I’ll make up some type of display. They are really great quality though for those who collect this sort of thing.


marvel collector corps review

The Invincible Iron Man Comic with Collector Corps Exclusive Cover

I really was never that into comics except for a small time in middle school. That’s when I discovered Iron Man and he became one of my favorites. Fast forward to now and after several great movies he is still one of the best. Normally I just read the comics and forget about them but this one means a little bit more… this one is a keeper!


marvel collector corps review

Marvel Villains Shirt

I’m glad they didn’t do a Pop Tee this time around. Cutesy looking villains doesn’t always make the best design. This one is nice and I like that they included a nice variety of villains on the shirt.


marvel collector corps review

Collector Corps Exclusive Venom Pocket Pop

You have to admit this Pocket Pop is Bad Ass! I don’t care for them as much as a full size Pop but they do take up considerably less space. Venom is nicely detailed for such a small figure and I would actually use this on my keys if I weren’t afraid it would get all beat up.


marvel collector corps review

Exclusive Loki Dorbz

I never really got on the Loki bandwagon simply because I am not a fan of Thor. If I sit back and look at him though …he does make a really good villain. I’ve got a small collection of Dorbz going now but I don’t like them as much as the other Funko product lines.


marvel collector corps reviews

Exclusive Zombie Morbius Funko Pop

This was the first time I’ve ever seen this character. He came in Regular or the Zombie variant… I obviously got the Zombie version. I looked him up and he does seem pretty cool… I’m not sure if I like that he is so obscure though …I think I would much rather get more mainstream popular characters in the Marvel Collector Corps boxes.


marvel collector corps villains

…and that was the Marvel Collector Corps “Villains” subscription box for October 2015. With shipping it runs just under $35 and is sent every other month. The December box is all about the Guardians of the Galaxy which is nice to get back on a more specific theme. I can only wonder though… what they could possibly put out that they haven’t already? If you would like to subscribe, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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