Collectible GEEK “Universal Monsters” Unboxing & Review – October 2015

collectible GEEK review

Here’s an extremely late review of October’s Collectible GEEK “Universal Monsters” Cache. For this month I didn’t get the Deluxe Cache and just went with the regular-sized one. However, going forward they will only offer one single box every month starting with December’s Star Trek theme priced out at $60. But anyways… here’s what October’s box looked like:


…alright now let’s look at everything more closely…


collectible geek review

Universal Monsters Mini Posters & Magnet

These classic-looking movie posters & spoof magnet are really nice. I got the Mummy and Creature from the Black Lagoon but there were other options you could have received.


collectible geek reviews

The Invisible Man Reaction Figure

I have a love-hate relationship with the Reaction figures. On one hand, I love the retro action figure look but on the other hand, they don’t display well by taking up a lot of space. I suppose I could take them out of the packaging but then they will fall all over every time they get bumped.


collectible geek review

The Bride of Frankenstein Shirt

I like the design of this shirt. If I’m not mistaken I got a similar shirt in another box (the Horror Block I think) but this one looks much better than that one.


collectible geek review

Frankenstein’s Monster Plush

I don’t really like plushies but this one is ok. I’m going to put him away with my Halloween decorations and he will come out for display every year for now on.


collectible geek review

…and that was the Collectible GEEK “Universal Monsters” Cache for October 2015. Overall I thought it was a bit sparse because the giant plushie most likely was pricy and took up much of the value. As I said in the beginning, Collectible GEEK has changed their boxes to just a single box priced at $60 shipped. If you would like to get in on their December Star Trek box, please use my affiliate link by clicking here. All purchases made go right back to help support this website.

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