Nerd Block “Tis the Season” Unboxing & Review – November 2015

Nerd Block review

This month’s Nerd Block came a bit earlier than usual. There is literally still 24 hours left to order this box (last day to order is Sunday 11/15/15) so if you were unsure about this one… now’s your chance to see everything before you buy it. The theme for November was “Tis the Season” which some may say is a little early for Xmas …but I think it was a GREAT idea since I would much rather enjoy the stuff for the whole season and not just right when it’s about to get packed away. So anyways …check out what’s inside…


…alright so let’s take a closer look…


nerd block review

Bill Murray Art Print

This seems to be an extra item because it’s not on the spoiler card. I am a HUGE Bill Murray fan and let’s just say… in the event of a zombie apocalypse …that’s where I would be heading too lol. (Zombieland reference)


nerd block review

Star Wars the Force Awakens 2016 Calendar

This is kind of a ‘meh’ Star Wars item yet again… but then I guess I do need a calendar for next year so it might as well be a sweet Star Wars one! There are no apparent spoilers inside just pictures that appear from the trailers.


nerd block november review

Back to the Nightmare T-shirt

This is one of the strangest mash-ups I’ve seen in a while. Aside from the name they came up with, there is no other apparent connection between Back to the Future & the Nightmare Before Christmas that I can think of. The design is nice looking though and I think it’s pretty funny too… I will wear this shirt for sure.


nerd block review

Nerd Block Exclusive Sherlock Titans Figure

I really need to start watching Sherlock. Millions of nerds cant be wrong… after all… I started watching Supernatural because of geeky subscription box items and now I’m hooked. Even though I don’t watch, I still like the Titans vinyl figures and Nerd Block seems to be the only ones bringing them. If only more companies would stray from the tried and true Funko and bring some variety once in a while.


nerd block review

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Moose Mug Shot Glass

This is AWESOME! I love Christmas Vacation and have always wanted a full size moose mug… I’ll settle for a shot glass though. I’m totally bringing this out to every Xmas party I go to this season!


nerd block november review

Exclusive Firefly Serenity Ornament

I am absolutely blown away by this ornament! I have a geeky Xmas tree and it can be difficult to find stuff to decorate it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any type of Firefly item ever so this is a truly unique item for sure! Rest assured, once the holidays are over, this is totally going in my nerd cave!


nerd block november

…and that was the Nerd Block “Tis the Season” box for November 2015. I didn’t price it out because of the exclusive items inside but for $30 it was well worth it! If you would like to try Nerd Block for yourself, please use my affiliate link when you subscribe! All purchases made go right back to help support this website.

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