Arcade Block Unboxing & Review – October 2015

Arcade Block Review

Yes I know… I know, once again Arcade Block has sucked me back in using all of my favorite video game themes lol. For October it was, of course, another Fallout4 item and the talk of a possible full game in the box. I’m not a huge gamer so I don’t get the Arcade Block on the regular just because there are so many games out there I haven’t played… but when I see a good one, I grab it! Want to see what they did for October? Check out my geeky subscription box review…


alright let’s take a closer look at all of that great stuff…


arcade block review

Fallout Mystery Minis

I’m happy I finally got a Fallout Mystery Minis as I have been trying to get my hands on some for a while. Not that they’re hard to come by just that they were out of stock locally then I placed an order that got canceled… so I gave it a rest and hoped for some subscription boxes to come to the rescue. Now if I could just get 10 or 12 more lol.

Mystery Minis run about $8


arcade block review

K’Nex Titanfall Playset

I didn’t even know these existed but then again I’m not usually hanging around the N’Nex section of the toy store. The playset itself is kinda blah but I do like the minifigures included.

This sells for about $7


arcade block review

Retro City Rampage DX Full Game

I’ve actually had my eye on this game for a while so it’s pretty awesome that it came in the block. They also packaged it to look like an old school Super Nintendo game box which scores them even more bonus points. It’s about time that Arcade Block got a full game into their box… they really need to do it more often in my opinion.

This game sells for $10


arcade block review

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Shirt

I didn’t recognize the design at first because I haven’t been playing COD since probably the original Black Ops came out. It’s still a very bad-ass looking design and I will definitely be wearing this shirt.

I value all shirts at $10


arcade block review

Atari Hat

I like the old-school look of this hat. I only wear hats on rare occasions but I’ll keep it around for when such an occasion arises.

Similar hats sell for about $15


arcade block review

…and there you have the Arcade Block for October 2015. An estimated $50 value for $30 shipped. Personally, I thought they did a great job once again …and even though I wont be getting next month’s box I always have my eye on this box for future themes of interest! If you would like to subscribe to Arcade Block, please use my affiliate link by clicking here. All purchases made through my links go right back to help support this site!

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