FanMail Box November Theme & Coupon Code – Spoilers

fan mail box review

As part of my big expansion I have tried to include as many different geeky subscription boxes as possible. FanMail Box is a monthly subscription box geared towards lady geeks. And while I am no lady, I certainly have plenty of female readers who may be interested in a box like this. The theme for November is…

fan mail box review

“Wars Among the Stars”… which is an obvious nod to Star Wars. So what else can you expect in November’s box? Well they are saying in addition to Star Wars, there will also be something from Guardians of the Galaxy and Firefly in the box. If you ask me that almost sounds like a box I would want for myself!

If you want to check out FanMail Box, you can visit their website at Subscription’s are open until November 15th (unless of course they sell out)

**SAVE $2 OFF YOUR FIRST BOX With Coupon Code “PHASMA”**