Star Wars Smugglers Bounty Exclusive Funko Pop Reveal – Spoilers

smugglers bounty review

Earlier today Funko Released an image of One of the Two Exclusive Funko Pops that will be included in the first Smugglers’ Bounty Subscription Box. If you want to see for yourself… check out the image below…


smugglers bounty review

Too cool right!? Earlier this month they leaked one of the (possibly) four t-shirt designs with this same character featured on it. I kinda had a feeling this would be the case. I’m hoping the other Pop that is still a mystery is a completely original sculpt and not a repaint… but who am I kidding …I’ll flip out over it either way!

So what do you think of this exclusive? Also, what are your guesses for the other Funko Pop?

I’ll be sure to post my unboxings the same day the Smugglers Bounty gets delivered so be sure to follow my social media channels!