Loot Crate VS Nerd Block – September 2015 Edition

loot crate vs nerd block

loot crate vs nerd block

I haven’t done a head-to-head geeky subscription box battle for a while so I think it’s time to put the 2 powerhouse mystery box companies up against each other once again. For this comparison I will be using the Loot Crate “Summon” box VS. Nerd Block‘s “Hyperspace” box from September 2015. Both companies hyped up some pretty appealing teasers for the month… Loot Crate was really pushing their Blizzard & Pokemon items while Nerd Block went all in with Star Wars and even had 500 special “golden ticket” boxes with an additional Star Wars item inside.

In this comparison I will show you what each company had to offer for September but keep in mind that every month is different …just because one company looks better this month doesn’t necessarily make it always so. I will pick a “winner” though because ..well that’s what you came here to find out…


loot crate

Loot Crate “Summon”

I often call this the geeky subscription box people love to hate. I guess when you get this big as a company, you gain a lot of haters. I wouldn’t be surprised if more people “rage quit” Loot Crate every month than a lesser geek box has in total subscribers. When they announced the “Summon” theme I didn’t have high hopes for the box… needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. Of course the main item you notice is the Pikachu hat. While I’m not a fan of Pokemon I think they picked a great item that will appeal to a wide range of subscribers. The REAL item that takes the cake though is the Golden Homer Simpson Buddha. This is where Loot Crate really shines… in their buying power. The Golden Homer retailed for $20 and is difficult to find, the Pikachu hat sells for $15… the whole box only cost you $20. Plus fans of Supernatural have been going crazy over the exclusive car included. The Blizzard Hearthstone items were unique but didn’t add much value to the overall box but hey, they are much better than the filler items of the past. This seems to be their new direction lately… finding more exclusive and hard to find merchandise for their boxes so you dont get that “I could have bought this at the store” feeling. Loot Crate may be hit or miss each month but I feel this month was definitely a hit!

If you would like to subscribe to Loot Crate, you can visit their website by clicking here.


nerd block

Nerd Block “Hyperspace”

Nerd Block has come a long way from the company it was just a year ago. Always learning, expanding, and changing to please their community. You can even talk to the CEO in some of the geeky groups on Facebook because it seems like he is always paying attention to what people are saying. With this month’s theme, “Hyperspace”, they really hyped up a Star Wars item that was going to be included in the box. If there’s anything I’ve learned from all of the geeky subscription boxes I’ve reviewed is that they more a company hypes something …the more of a let down it is when you actually get it. The Star Wars item for this month turned out to be a BB-8 plush which isn’t exactly a bad item. I happen to like it but what did me in was my own thoughts and speculations on what it could be… you get your hopes up and will most likely be let down. Nerd Block also on occasion, goes “off theme” like they did with the Supernatural Mystery Minis blind box. I’m not a fan of the show yet (I’m working my way through season 1 though) but it’s presence in the box didn’t bother me like it did some. The Star Trek “Springz” was ok but not great and the shirt design didnt appeal to everyone causing most people to be disappointed in this box. While I wasn’t exactly disappointed, I do think they could have done much better.

For Nerd Block, you can visit their website by clicking here.


The “winner” for the month goes to Loot Crate and I use the term “winner” loosely because it’s all based on your personal likes. Obviously if you don’t like a particular show or theme the items related to it are not going to win you over. If you are trying to decide which company to go with and want me to tell you to pick this one over that one you may be in for some disappointment. My best advice is to look at my past reviews and see which box has more that you like each month …OR just jump around from box to box based on the theme for the month. That’s the best way to do it but also risky. Most companies have a cut off date to cancel so if you plan on bouncing around make sure you get out before being stuck with another box. In the end I suggest you go beyond just these 2 boxes since there are tons on the market right now and one is sure going to fit your likes and budget.

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