Geeky Subscription Box Month End Recap – July 2015


So yeah I guess I completely skipped out on July’s geeky subscription boxes… it’s ok though because everyone knows its the month end recap that counts! Besides… I’ve been completely up to date on my YouTube channel if you want all the latest in geek boxes. I’ve scaled down my boxes for a while and will only be bringing you what I call the “core” boxes… and the occasional must try box as they arise. This month we have: Loot Crate, Nerd Block Classic, Geek Fuel, 1Up Box, Super Geek Box, Collectible GEEK, Power Up Box, Geek Me Box, and finally the Fun With Funko Box. So, like always, we are starting with the video….


…ok and so I will recap each starting with the big dogs all the way down to the little fellas…


loot crate

Loot Crate “Heroes 2”

Having already done the “Heroes” theme… they cleverly repeat by adding the number “2” after it indicating that it is a sequel. The exclusive Q-Pop Batman figure was nice, as well as the Batman multi tool keychain. They also included an exclusive book which I believe is a geeky subscription box first. After that the items weren’t very exciting… the Wonder Woman poster is nice but nothing to get excited about, the wrist band and air freshener are just the typical filler Overall though, I think they did a great job this month and I gave them an above average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. If you would like to try Loot Crate for yourself, you can visit them through my affiliate link by clicking here.


nerd block

Nerd Block “Humanity’s Last Hope”

This month’s theme was a little confusing… what you got vs what the title suggests were a bit off but that’s not to say that this was still a decent box. Even though I didnt watch Buffy, I like the exclusive Titans Spike figure. The Ghostbusters paper wallet was decent and I really like the Cobra/ Karate Kid mash-up tee. Again there wasn’t really any filler items in the box which has been a nice change of pace from all boxes lately so you will get no complaints from me. I’d say this was a decent box which deserves an above average rating of 4 of 5 stars. If your’re interested in trying a Nerd Block, you can sign up here via my affiliate link.


geek fuel

Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel is always a favorite of mine but this month’s box didn’t impress me much. I love the full Steam game as always and the Secret Wars comic was nice too. The Ant-Man shot glass was a unique touch but the shirt is kinda ugly and I’m not a fan of Vampirella so the poster wasn’t anything exciting to me. It pains me to do it but I will be giving them a below average rating on this one with 2 out of 5 stars for being a little bit dull. Don’t let that get you down though I still highly recommend Geek Fuel and you can subscribe to them through this link.



1Up Box “Justice”

I really just don’t know what is happening with 1Up Box lately. Yes I know the creative forces behind it split but the box has seriously never been the same. Lately it seems like it is geared more towards children and it’s pretty obvious when you look at the items we received. I keep hoping they will turn themselves around and become the once great force they used to be. This was below average but not terrible so they get 2 of 5 stars. If you would like 1Up Box for yourself you can subscribe here.


super geek box

Super Geek Box “Pixel Power”

The other force behind 1Up Box has now formed the Super Geek Box which is very much all that 1Up used to be. The theme was very well executed with a Gameboy shirt and giant NES controller mousepad. The rest of the items were decent but not great so I gave this one an average rating of 3 of 5 stars. To try out Super Geek Box for yourself, visit their website by clicking here.


power up

Power Up Box

I just want to start out by saying the Avengers is played out so can we please move on?? This was actually a pretty good box though with the Ant-Man Wacky Wobbler. The shirt design, Batman necklace, and JLA comic were decent as well. I found the candy shot glass unique and possibly fun but it was an odd item to be included in a geeky subscription box. The plush was ok but the cards are totally forgettable… I gave this an average rating of 3 of 5 stars. To subscribe to Power Up Box, you can visit them here.


col geek

Collectible GEEK “Time Machine” IWIA Cache

I tell you what, upgrading to the IWIA cache was the best decision I’ve made… these boxes are AWESOME! So in this box you actually got a Funko Pop Rides Time Machine! On top of that an Ash Pop and the Fourth Doctor. I think the Bill & Ted Wyld Stallyns Backstage pass is too cool and …well just about everything inside was a hit! I think they did a great job with this and I give them a perfect 5 of 5 stars! To try Collectible GEEK for yourself, you can save 3% off your purchase by using my affiliate link.



Geek Me Box

Another one of my favorite boxes had a less than stellar month. I like the Snoopy toy and the graphic novel looks interesting as well. The shirt design is decent but not great, and the coin, although very cool looking and detailed, was not very useful to me. Overall it was just the lack of items this month that caused me to give this a below average 2 out of 5 stars. You can try Geek Me Box for yourself by clicking here.



Fun With Funko “Disney” Box from My Everyday Value

Due to a shipping error I got the Disney box instead of the Pixar box… MEV customer service was great and I wound up keeping this box and made the best of it. Unlike the others this is really just a mystery Funko Pop box (hence the name) so it’s pretty straight forward. You get a couple Pops at a slight discount with a little something extra inside. Personally I think they did a great job with this and if I were a little girl I would have loved this lol. I love the box, and the service so I gave them an above average 4 out of 5 stars. You can check out their website here for new box theme postings.


…and there you have July’s Geeky Subscription Box Recap….. late again but at least I got it up right? With summer winding down I will be returning indoors and back up into my nerd cave where I belong to bring you more up-to-date postings of all things geeky that come in a box!

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