The Ultimate Geeky Subscription Box Month End Review – June 2015

geeky subscription box

YES! We are a bit late but I’m back with my geeky subscription box month end for June 2015. There are a few more subscription boxes covered in the video than here on the site in case you are wondering why there are certain logos on the title that aren’t getting a mention… so what are you waiting for? Check out the video!!


…so I would call that a pretty awesome month for geek boxes! Let’s check them all out…


loot crate

Loot Crate “Cyber”

It’s not often lately that I can say a Loot Crate is awesome but this one was pretty damn good! That Optimus Prime shirt and the exclusive Terminator Skull really made the box and that giant Borderlands mouse pad wasn’t too shabby either.


nerd block exclusive

Nerd Block Classic  “British Invasion”

Even though I’m not a big Doctor Who fan I can still really appreciate this box! The 2 Mr Bean items inside really made it worthwhile to me and I do really like getting Titans merchandise even if it’s not from a fandom that I follow. The thing I like best about the Nerd Block Classic box it that they cut out all the filler and just bring more of the really good stuff instead.


my geek box

My Geek Box “Abilities”

This is my first My Geek Box because it comes from the UK. Even though shipping is somewhat reasonable, it’s still a bit pricey to ship to the US. I couldn’t pass this one up though because of the exclusive Funko Pop inside! I really liked the T shirt and the Star Wars mouse pad but in the end… it’s all about that Pop!


super geek box

Super Geek Box “Courage”

The newest geeky subscription box on the market and boy is it awesome! Super Geek Box came through with an incredible shirt design and 2 vinyl figures! I’m expecting great things from this company and it has become my new favorite!


collectible geek

Collectible GEEK “Intergalactic” IWIA Cache

I am SO glad I upgraded to the IWIA cache! This month’s Collectible GEEK was damn near a perfect geeky subscription box for me! With the 5 great Funko Pops all in Pop protectors, the 4 Firefly items… and yes my kids are obsessing over the Gir! This was a definite win!


geek fuel

Geek Fuel “90s Takeover”

I tell you what… Geek Fuel has done it again! They are consistently a good subscription box each and every month. The full Steam game download code is nice but what takes the cake are the 2 Jurassic Park books. Perfect for summer reading and great timing with the release of the new movie.


marvel collector corps

Marvel Collector Corps “Ant-Man”

The second box from Marvel Collector Corps had a few problems. Many Funko Pop boxes came mangled (they offered replacements shortly after the release) …also the shirt was pretty plain and the comic was issue #5 instead of a #1. I still liked the box but I think when 2 powerhouses like Marvel and Funko join forces… there should be something WAY better coming in these subscription boxes.


geek me box

Geek Me Box

Truly another great Geek Me Box! I’ve been with them from the beginning and have liked each and every box they’ve sent out. The book is very cool and has a $25 cover price… plus a Funko Pop, another vinyl figure, and a great shirt design. You should really check them out!


my geeky goodies

My Geeky Goodies

Well it seems My Geeky Goodies is closing down for the summer and this was their last box until they return all new and improved. You can kinda tell they needed a vacation because this one is very uninspired and average. Not bad but just nothing to really get excited over.


1up box

1Up Box “Arcade”

Unfortunately the 1Up Box is going through a slump at the moment. This box was decent but they really haven’t come up with any really good boxes lately. I guess you could say they are in “play it safe” mode but hopefully they will break free soon and return to their normal awesome geeky subscription boxes.


power up box

Power Up Box

This month’s Power Up Box wasn’t too bad… it had 2 Monopoly shirts and some great Guardians of the Galaxy items as well. The Orange Roamer drink was really good but I’d rather not get things like that in my geek boxes because I could just buy an orange drink from the store much cheaper.



Not covered in this article were the TMNT Box, Your Toy Box, and Killer Krates. The first 2 were awesome but I never photographed the items …and the last one, the Killer Krate, was such a disappointment that I didn’t even bother to post about it.

And that wraps up another monthly geeky subscription box recap… this one, of course, is for June 2015. I have provided links for each of the boxes if you are interested in subscribing …most of which are affiliate links that help to support this website. I keep an ongoing list of all the Geek Boxes I have ever tried one a single page with links to their website and also to my last review for the box… be sure and check it out! You can find it at the top of the page, it’s a big button marked “geeky subscription boxes”. I suggest you bookmark the page so that you can return for easy access when researching what subscription box you would like to try.

Anyways… July is already here and I need to punch out these reviews before August starts rolling in so follow me on social media so you never miss out on a single box!