Collectible GEEK “Intergalactic” IWIA Cache Unboxing & Review – June 2015

collectible GEEK

Up until now, I have just been receiving the normal themes Collectible GEEK cache… but I thought I would step it up a bit and get the fully loaded “I Want It All” cache for the next few months (or more). What better way to kick things off than with June’s “Intergalactic” theme full of my favorite sci fi goodies! So lets check it out!


In the video I break down what came in the regular cache vs the IWIA if you’re interested… but for now lets check out these items…


collectible geek stargate

Stargate Magnet

There’s nothing too special about this …it’s just a flat magnet with the Stargate printed on it. I liked the movie but never got into the TV series.

I’d estimate $1 for the item


collectible geek star trek

Star Trek Original Series Trading Cards

For a trading card these are pretty cool. They are retro movie poster-like images for each episode. I would actually consider buying more of these to put in a frame on the wall if I had the space.

These sell for about $3 per pack


collectible geek firefly poster

Culture Shock Firefly Micro Posters

There were several other sci-fi themed posters you could have received but luckily I got Firefly. I like the wanted poster way better than the Serenity poster so I may actually frame that one up and hang it.

Collectible GEEK sells these for about $6


collectible geek firefly leaf

Firefly Leaf On The Wind Pendant/Keychain

I know it’s really hard to tell from the picture, but it’s Serenity on a leaf and you can either use it as a keychain or wear it as a pendant. It’s pretty cool because it comes with everything you need to do either.

I found these on Amazon for $15 and linked to it because it’s so cool


collectible geek gir

Gir Plushie

I never watched Invader Zim but I recognize Gir when I see him. My kids go nuts over him and they’ve already claimed it and took it away into the depths of their bedroom …never to be seen again.

These sell for about $13


collectible geek firefly shirt

Firefly “You Cant Take the Sky From Me” shirt

This is an awesome, AWESOME shirt! Collectible GEEK really did great by including lots of Firefly items into this box! I like the design and it’s nice quality compared to some shirts. I may put holes in this one from wearing it so much lol.

I value all shirts at $10


collectible geek pop

Robot B9 Funko Pop

This is a very cool Pop… so much so that I almost bought it when I was at the local Comic Con. I literally had it in my hands and then had to put it back because every time I buy a Pop I wind up getting one in a geeky subscription box. It’s a great sculpt and he is very well detailed and (of course) encased in a Pop protector.

I value all standard Pops in protectors at $12.50


collectible geek pop

Firefly “Wash” Funko Pop

Yes another Firefly item! I got Wash which is cool but I would rather have Kaylee or Jayne but …ya know eventually I bet one will show up in a geek box lol. Again all Collectible GEEK’s Pops are shipped in Pop protectors.

I value this at $12.50


collectible geek funko

Battlestar Galactica Funko Pops

These are the classic BSG characters and I grouped them all together to save from having to retype everything. It’s a shame they don’t have the new BSG Pops but I am still a fan of the classic. The prize in the group is of course the Cylon Centurion Funko Pop. I will treasure him more than any of the others and even though he is just a common …he is still valuable to me.

The 3 Funko Pops in protectors are valued at $37.50


collectible geek

…and there you have the Collectible GEEK “Intergalactic” IWIA cache for June 2015. An estimated $110 value for $80 shipped. Personally, I am so glad I upgraded to the “I want it all” which is now called the “Deluxe Cache” as they have made a few changes to the way they sell their boxes. If you would like to try Collectible GEEK for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here. By using my affiliate link you get a 3% discount off your purchase and (of course) all purchases made through my links go directly back into helping support this website.

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