Geeky Subscription Box Month End Review – 16 Boxes! – April 2015

The Ultimate

Ah yes! It’s time again to lay out all of last month’s geeky subscription boxes and see them all together! Every time I cut one box out, 2 more spring up so I still have a crap ton here to review. If you’re unfamiliar with my process, this is not a full review of each box… each already has their own review …this is a quick summary of the contents and my thoughts on the box in general along with a rating of 1 to 5 stars. 3 is an average rating and by no means is it a bad box. Of course I also provide my affiliate links to their site so if you plan on subscribing, your purchase goes directly towards helping this website! So lets start with the video…


I’m going to follow the same format as the video starting with the newest boxes first and go from there so let’s get in to it…


power up box

The Power Up Box: $20-$30 shipped

April marks the first ever Power Up Box which was available in 2 sizes: a $20 box and a $30 box. I got the larger of the 2 and I’m glad I did because the smaller is just a stripped down version of what you see here. They included a decent amount of items for the cost including the Fabrikations figure which retails for more than half of what I paid. They also had a pretty decent variety among the boxes: some people got a different shirt, some a different Fabrications figure etc. Not a bad start at all for this company and I gave them 4 out of 5 stars!


marvel collector corps

Marvel Collector Corps “Avengers” : $36 Shipped

If you haven’t heard of this box you must have been hiding under a rock… I mean assuming you landed on this website looking for geeky subscription boxes. The highly anticipated official Marvel/Funko collaboration brings a legitimacy to the geek box world showing that, yes, there is in fact money to be made here. Naturally the big draw to this box is the exclusive Hulkbuster and boy did it sell a crap ton of boxes! Other companies were ordering this box just so they could flip the exclusives on their own sites for a profit. The Collector Corps box ships every other month and the next one features Ant Man so it will be pretty exciting to see what they make up for that one. this box earned itself a perfect 5 out of 5 stars!


comic con box

Comic Con Box “It Begins” : $36 shipped

Another first box by a big-ish company is the Wizard World Comic Con Box. Many people had mixed feelings about the contents of this box… I, however, thought they were great. There were lots of big items with very little filler and even though one of the main figures was Hello Kitty, I still thought it was a fresh idea and a good change from the normal every day box. The other appeal of this box is that they promise to put random signed items inside boxes and other goodies. I cant wait to see what they bring next month because this one has definitely shown some promise! I rate it a decent 4 out of 5 stars.


custom fan box

Custom Fan Box: $30 shipped

This is the second month from Custom Fan Box and their claim to fame is that you pick your own themes to go in the box. You start by picking your T-Shirt design (for May it’s flip-flops instead) and then you check off the themes you like from a list of several shows, characters, movies, etc so when you get the box… it only has themes that you like inside. I use that term loosely because you still might not like the item, but its from something that you picked. There second month had way more variety between boxes so it definitely felt more custom than the first. I think my box was great and although I am not getting May’s box I will be ordering from them again. I gave this box an above average rating at 4 out of 5 stars


nerd block

Nerd Block Classic “Growing Up 80s” : $30 shipped

Nerd Block, one of the heavy hitters in the industry, really knocked it out of the park this month with their “Growing Up 80s” theme! They’ve really been stepping up their game this year and offering a much better quality box than they had last year. They cut back on the small filler items in exchange for more big larger-ticket items. Granted there were only 5 things in this box, each one was something useful and of value, especially the exclusive Titans Ghostbusters Ecto-1! In the past, this box was an off-and-on subscription for me but now I think I’m going to keep them going steady every month. I give this box a top notch rating 5 of 5 stars!!


loot crate

Loot Crate “Fantasy” : $20 shipped

Being at the top of the geek box world isn’t always the best place to be. People expect more, bigger, and better from you which leads to huge disappointment. The “Fantasy” box was not bad …but it wasn’t what people expected for the theme. I personally wish they stuck with a regular tie and not the bow tie from Black Tie Geek because that item is useless to me. The Game of Thrones memory stick was another cool idea that just fell a little short with a measly 4 gig storage space… but it’s still pretty awesome looking! Overall, there is definitely more than $20 worth of usable stuff in the box so don’t fret it… dont rage quit and unsubscribe… just ride it out to the next box. I give this one 2 out of 5 stars.


1up box

1Up Box “Heroes” : $19 shipped

The 1Up Box always seems to be a hit. This month’s “Heroes” theme  is no exception. The Pop plus the shirt are worth more than you paid for the box so it’s always a winning combination. Most of the other items were decent except for the strange, yet very nice, patch that came in the box. I have yet to see anyone putting patches on anything in real life so I don’t know why they are constantly included in geek boxes. Next month they move on to “Sidekicks” which, of course, will probably be another win. I rate this month’s box 4 out of 5 stars.


geek fuel

Geek Fuel “Avengers” : $24 shipped

Geek Fuel is still a pretty new box yet they have managed to secure themselves a nice spot in the geeky subscription box world. They have been including a full Steam game download in every box which makes this one far more appealing to gamers. That plus this awesome Avengers/ Turtles mash up shirt made this a really great box! The mug was a really great design as well but lately every company has been shipping out mugs so my morning coffee has been adequately geeked out already. I give this box an average 3 of 5 stars.


my geeky goodies

My Geeky Goodies “Mystery Mashup” : $25 shipped

This is one box I’ve liked consistently since I first signed up last fall. MGG has done it again with their, we don’t have a theme, anything goes, “Mystery Mashup” box. The highlight is, of course, the Army of Darkness “Ash” Funko Pop… but the twisted “Handicorn” and “Oh Yeah” T-Shirt were both really great additions to the box. They’ve been sending fewer items in the boxes in recent months but the ones they do send make it a better value. Plus they ship out earlier than most other boxes which is just a little added bonus. I rate this one a GREAT 5 out of 5 stars!


geek me box

Geek Me Box : $30 shipped

Finally after months and months of awesome boxes from Geek Me Box, people are starting to catch on. They do a good job every month and this one is no exception. The great shirt design, a Funko Pop, and Mystery Minis figure really made this box for me… and while I’m not a big fan of socks, the kids have claimed them and the flashlight already so everything found a good home. I give this box a 4 out of 5 stars.


collectible geek

Collectible GEEK “Assemble” : $33 shipped

Collectible GEEK is one of my favorite boxes, however, this month really wasn’t my thing. All of the items were great but I’m not a fan of plushies, and the Hulk shirt is just too purple for my tastes even though it is a really cool design. It’s just that… well… I’m not a big Avengers fan. Don’t hate me! I love the movies! Plus Iron Man is one of my favorite characters of all time… but not really any of the others. I did have the option to skip this month but since I’m all about reviews there’s no way I’m passing one up. It’s ok though because all of the items have been disbursed among my kids so nothing goes to waste here. I give this box an average 3 out of 5 stars.


f box

F Box “Game of Thrones” : $30 shipped

Anytime I can get my hands on an F Box I take it! These are just awesome! There’s nothing more I can say about this box other than… buy it (if you can). They are so exclusive that you need to be ready to strike at any time in order to get one. So far this is my second box and I just got lucky both times. I give this box an AWESOME 5 out of 5 stars!


z box

Z Box “Animation” : $33 shipped to the US

The Z Box brings a good box every month. This one wasn’t too bad other than it did not include a shirt ..not that it’s required but you grow accustomed to things and notice them when they’re gone. A Funko Pop is always a welcome item and the comic and Transformers stress ball were pretty unique for a geek box. Overall I’ve been very satisfied with what this company puts together each month. I gave them a 3 out of 5 stars.


super cool new box

Super Cool New Box “Sci Fi” : $75 plus shipping

Otherwise known as the box with the hefty price tag… Super Cool New Box is a big one with big items. 3 Pops in Pop protectors, a Mystery Minis figure, and the Rocket Raccoon mask took up the bulk of this order. I was a little taken back by the inclusion of the mask because it is for kids but as a whole the box was pretty good. After getting one of these I always have to wait a few months because it throws my total box budget way off. Cool New Box is well loved in the geek communities on FB and has a die hard group of loyal customers. This particular box didn’t have the best value but past boxes have been so much higher. Again I think it was the mask that threw the whole box off. I give it an average box rating at 3 of 5 stars.


boxy chan star wars

BoxyChan “Star Wars” Box : $30 shipped

This box has been around for a long time but oddly enough it never really caught on until now. They have about 20 themes to choose from so I naturally picked Star Wars to try them out. You’ll notice that you don’t get very much in the box but the value is above the price you paid for sure. I figured Star Wars was a safe bet on good items but I forgot about the Angry Birds franchise …and naturally I got some. Overall I think this box company is better suited towards kids so if you’re looking for a geeky kids box this could be a good way to go. I got a second box from them (as seen in the video) that was a bit better but for this box I gave it a 2 out of 5 stars.


your toy box

Your Toy Box : $25 shipped

And finally we have the Your Toy Box. This one is different from all of the rest because no 2 boxes are ever the same. This company features primarily vintage toys and they literally have 100 themes to choose from. In the end each item is only costing you around $2.50-3.50 because of the high number of items and the cheap price tag. Personally if you like this type of stuff you cant go wrong with this service! I’m not going to rate the box because it was my box and no 2 are the same. But the service gets 5 stars for sure!


So that was my haul for the month! Be sure to use my affiliate links when ordering any of these boxes. Each purchase really does go a long way to keeping the costs down on the website.

Be sure and stick around because I’ve found EVEN MORE NEW BOXES for next month. I swear a new box pops up every week and I am doing everything I can to find them and order one up for review! If you want to keep on top of the latest boxes as well, simply follow me on the social media platform of your choice and you will never miss another box!