Loot Crate vs Nerd Block vs 1Up Box – April 2015 Edition

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It’s been a while since I put some boxes head-to-head. So it’s about time I go back and revisit the age old question: Which is the better geeky subscription box? Loot Crate, Nerd Block, or the 1Up Box. While I will be using April’s boxes for comparison, I’m going to try to be more general about each box and what to expect from them each month. So lets get started with the heaviest of hitters in the geek box market…


loot crate

Loot Crate: $13.95 per month plus $6 shipping. $19.95 total

Loot Crate, of course is the “big daddy” of all the geek boxes out there. They have the largest subscriber base with the most buying power in the business. Almost every box is filled with exclusive merchandise made just for them and they typically end up with the top $ value for your money each month. The company has a very strong love/hate fan base… some people bleed Loot Crate and some love to hate it.

Big boxes bring big disappointment though, like the April “Fantasy” box which had so much potential but was a huge flop in the community and I received a lot of complaints about it just on my sites alone. While the box itself had great $value, the actual contents weren’t of much value to subscribers. The lure of this box though is the ultimate payoff month… that theme which has so many awesome things you would kick yourself for not subscribing… and that’s how they get ya.

Personally, I think Loot Crate is inexpensive enough that I can find $20 worth of value even on a bad month. It’s like a “gateway box” that gets your feet wet in the geeky subscription box business. Eventually you discover that there is a box to fit every interest and move on to bigger and better things.

If you want to try Loot Crate for yourself, visit their website by clicking this link and use code SAVE3 to save $3 off your first months subscription.


nerd block

Nerd Block Classic: $19.99 per month plus $10 shipping. $29.99 total

Nerd Block is like Loot Crate’s more expensive cousin from the north… as in Canada. They differentiate themselves by including more toy-like contents suitable for kids or those who work in cubicles and have office time fun in between crunching numbers. Their appeal is that they enlist the help of geek celebrities to bring unique items to the Block each month. They have also branched off into different fandoms with their Arcade, Horror, JR, and new Comic Blocks. They typically offer so many hints each month there’s hardly a mystery left once you get it.

It used to be that you got more in this box than Loot Crate because you paid more… but since Loot Crate’s climb to the top, they just cant compete with that kind of buying power. That doesn’t stop them from trying and the April “Growing Up 80s” box was an absolute home run with the exclusive Titans Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and the other fantastic items! They’ve really been stepping up their game recently and you can tell as they do better each and every month!

Personally, I used to have a love/hate relationship with this company. I unsubscribed for a while after getting a series of disappointing boxes but then picked them back up in the new year because of the great new offerings they’ve been having. The extra $10 doesn’t bother me as much as it once did because they have been putting it to better use and in the end, that’s what really matters.

If you want to try Nerd Block or any of the other “Blocks”, you can visit their website by clicking here. They offer coupon codes on occasion but they have a 10% off multi box discount if you subscribe to multiple “Blocks”.



1up box

1Up Box: $12.92 per month plus $6 shipping. $18.92 total

1Up Box is the youngest of the 3 “heavy hitters” but has just exploded on the scene about 6 months ago. Originally gaining popularity by their super cheap $15 price tag, they eventually needed to raise it closer to the $20 mark in order to stay competitive. One thing you can count on is a great shirt design every month, as well as some extremely successful theme curating… as in, they do a real good job picking out items that go together each month.

You don’t get nearly as much in the 1Up Box as you do the others: basically a shirt, a second “big” item, and then some smaller stuff. On months where they do a Funko Pop such as April’s “Heroes” theme, that plus the shirt equal more than the price you paid leaving the extras as just a bonus. The thing about 1Up Box is that almost every month is a hit with their subscribers. They seem to know what people want and include just enough to make you feel satisfied with your purchase. They don’t over-hype their items because that creates unrealistic expectations which leads to negative feedback.

Personally, I loved the 1Up Box in the beginning and if you’ve read any of my other “vs” posts you know they beat out all others every time. They don’t, however, seem to be growing their boxes with their growing subscriber base. They still deliver a great box each month but it’s practically the same as it was before when they were just starting out. Maybe expansion is in the near future and they are just dealing with their newfound popularity …we will just have to wait and see.

If you want to try 1Up Box, you can visit their website by clicking here. Use code AWESOME to save $3 off your first month!


question mark

So which one is the best??? Well it depends what you are looking for: Loot Crate gives you the most for your money by a long shot. Nerd Block has plenty of “star power” backing them up, and 1Up Box does great things with your money.

Ok I know that’s the cheap way out you came here because you need a definite answer of which one is the BEST of all others… well technically there are more than 25 total geeky subscription boxes out there so I would probably pick one of those… but yes yes out of these 3 boxes I would choose….

1Up Box! Yet again I am sticking with the 1Up Box simply because of the fact that they seem to have more satisfied subscribers than any other the other 2 boxes consistently each month. Don’t get me wrong, Loot Crate and Nerd Block do some great things… but also have some great failures causing people to very publically “rage quit” their subscriptions. So there you have it, 1Up Box wins for overall customer satisfaction!

!!!!UPDATE!!!! Much has changed from the time of this article posted in April of 2015. I suggest checking out a more recent review on this site before making a geeky subscription box decision! I recommend my January 2016 review of over 15 geeky subscription boxes!