Super Cool New Box “Sci Fi” Unboxing & Review – April 2015

cool new box

Here is my second box from Cool New Box. My first order was the January “Star Wars” Super Cool New Box and when they announced the theme for April was going to be “Sci Fi” I jumped on it. Cool New Box used to offer 2 sizes of box: the regular for $50 plus shipping, and the Super for $75 plus shipping. The have now cut out the regular size and are sticking with the Super because the demand was so high. So you want to see what I got don’t ya? Let’s check it out…


So there’s the video …now let’s see the photos…


cool new box

Doctor Who Micro Figures

I finally started watching Doctor Who and I have to say I’m not hooked and I wouldn’t really call myself a fan of the show. I can watch them just fine but I don’t get into it …at all. This guy is apparently Cyberman who I have not seen in any episodes yet. No big deal he will just get dropped into the pit of Legos and become one with the pile.

These sell for about $6


cool new box

Science Fiction Mystery Minis

I have a few of these and I think they’re great. Luckily I got one that I don’t already have, Robocop. The thing I like most about this guy is his mouth… which looks all pink and frowny like the real Robocop lol. I think they nailed it when they made this figure.

These sell for about $8


cool new box

Cool New Box Matrix T-Shirt

This is probably the only box that I would allow to include a shirt that is strictly their logo printed on it. I like the Matrix design on it as well and the black and green colors work really well. I’m not super pleased about it but it’s not a bad shirt.

I value all shirts at $10


cool new box

Dana Scully Funko Pop in a Pop Protector

While I did watch a lot of the X Files I was never a big fan of the show. Scully is kind of a boring mold as far as Pops go. Take her out of the box and the majority of people probably wouldn’t be able to figure out who she is. In my collection, the Pops I treasure most are the most unique non-human looking types. However, I ALWAYS welcome a Pop that I don’t own …and even if I do they are great to give away!

I value all (common) Pops at $10 and $2.50 for the Protector = $12.50


cool new box

Morpheus Funko Pop in a Pop Protector

Morpheus is a much better mold as far as human Pops go. His signature glasses give it that little extra something and there’s really no question who he is just by looking at him. I was tipped off that the Matrix Pops would find their way into this box and I’m glad I got this one.

Again a total of $12.50 value


cool new box

Hot Topic Exclusive Predator Funko Pop in a Pop Protector

Now THIS is what I’m talking about! It doesn’t get much more unique than a clear Pop. He is a current Hot Topic Exclusive meaning you can still purchase him in the stores directly although in the future he may go up in value. I’m not so sure how valuable the Hot Topic Exclusives will be seeing as that there are so many and they are widely available everywhere. Only time will tell but I still love that dumb little sticker lol.

You are still able to purchase him for $10 making his total $12.50 as well


cool new box

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Action Mask

This mask is so freaking cool, however I feel it was a really ballsy move including it in this box. It is a children’s mask and even though I was able to get it on, my face was smushed inside to the point it was almost painful. I know the demographic of my readers and I assume it’s the same with the geeky subscription box customer base… that a good majority of them are male and without children. The price point of this box is also one that you would be getting for yourself and not for the kids if you have them. Don’t get me wrong, I think the mask is awesome… but it ate up a large chunk of the box.

The list price of this mask is about $20 but unfortunately I have found it on Amazon for $4. Now Cool New Box couldn’t possibly have known this and I wont count that as the value but it’s a slap in the face none the less.


super cool new box

…and that was the Super Cool New Box “Sci Fi” for April 2015. An estimated $85 value for $75 plus shipping. Overall I am very pleased with the box but the value just wasn’t there like in my last “super”. (The value was over $100). A few lucky people got a very rare Star Wars figure which would have been awesome but alas …I was not chosen. There was also a picture of Picard and another of Kaylee in the theme announcement for this box that I really wish would have made it into the box somehow… I know it was just an example and not what was actually going to be in the box but I was hoping for a Firefly item.

The theme for May is “?” meaning anything goes (sold out) and for June it’s Star Wars again. I wish I would have known that ahead of time because I would have totally got that box instead of this one. Not that I couldn’t just get it too but believe it or not I do try to stay within a budget lol. As of this posting they only had a few boxes left so if you want to get your hands on one, you had better hurry up and check out their website.

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