Custom Fan Box Unboxing & Review – April 2015

Custom Fan Box

Today we have the second month of the Custom Fan Box. A geeky subscription box that allows you to pick the themes for your box from a list of several geeky fandoms. The thing that I really like is that you get to pick the T-Shirt design up front so you definitely like the item no matter what else you get. Their first box was decent although most people got the exact same thing and about half of it was filler. I still enjoyed most of what I got (except the bacon lip balm… disgusting!) Anyways, I wanted to give another month a try so I had a better idea of the products they will be sending with this service… so lets check them out…


…not too shabby eh? Let’s take a closer look…


custom fan box

Super Awesome Trading Cards

These are by far the strangest trading cards I have ever seen. They mimic older 80s and 90s trading cards but they were really made more recently. Each card has something weird on the front, then a made up story about how they are Super Awesome on the back.

Each pack sells for about $2.50


custom fan box

Portal Keychain

While I’m not a big fan of getting keychains in these boxes, it’s a fact of life that I have to deal with. I’m pretty sure I have at least 50 or so now lol. This Portal keychain is pretty cool and I may even consider using it with my keys.

I found these for sale for about $12


custom fan box

Zombie Sleep Mask

This thing is pretty funny to have on, however, I could never sleep with something strapped to my face. I may have to find other uses for such a blind fold …like a 50 Shades of Undead encounter lol

These sell for about $6


custom fan box

Game of Thrones “Hand of the King” Pin

This is very clever and I like GOT a lot if you didn’t know. The pin itself is pretty small and somewhat cheaply constructed but the novelty of it makes it worthwhile. I’m not sure I’ll display it or even wear it though because the quality isn’t so great.

These sell for about $3


custom fan box

Goonies “Data” ReAction Figure

The Goonies is one of my all time favorite movies! Data is cool but I wish I would have got Sloth or Chunk because who wouldn’t right? I understand the ReAction figures are mimics of old-school action figures but Data really doesn’t look very accurate at all. He comes with the “Pinchers of Peril” so he can chomp other action figures in the nuts and that more than makes up for anything else lol.

These sell for about $10


custom fan box

Cowboy Bebop Edward and Ein

I am temporarily suspending my dislike of plush items because it’s so rare to find Cowboy Bebop items in a geek box. I will work this into my display area somehow and there it will sit collecting dust until the end of my days lol. It’s a really good likeness of Edward and Ein for a plush and I only wish I had more Cowboy Bebop items to go with it.

These sell for about $11


custom fan box

Star Wars X-Wing T-shirt

This was the design I picked from the selection of t-shirts on the website. That’s how they get you lol …with a shirt that you absolutely must have and then you just might as well get the box too.

I value all shirts at $10


custom fan box

…and there you have the Custom Fan Box for April 2015. An estimated $55 value for $30 shipped. Overall I liked this box much better than their first one. I’ve seen quite a few other unboxings and they seem to have a much larger variety of product to ship out this month although it was still of a similar item type. (Most people got a plush, keychain, and a pin of some type etc)

I will note that I have received some messages regarding this company and their poor customer service. I personally have not experienced any troubles with their service or their products …but there have been some who have. Some complaints include: they do not respond to emails, they have erased complaints from social media, and refusal to replace a wrong or broken item. I do not know the details around these complaints and have not seen them first hand. I have received everything I ordered just fine but it is something you may want to keep in mind. I am always completely honest with my readers/ viewers and want them to be informed before making any purchase.

That being said, I will not be getting a Custom Fan Box for May …not because of the previous warning …but this month they have flip-flops instead of T-Shirts which really aren’t my thing. I will definitely check out what June has to offer and may or may not get it based on what I see. Besides, I get way too many boxes and with new ones coming out all the time I have to switch it up.

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