Geeky Subscription Box Month End Review – March 2015

geeky subscription box

It’s time once again for the Geeky Subscription Box Month End Review for March 2015! As usual I’m late on the monthly recap. Mostly because by the time all of the month’s boxes roll in, the next month’s have already started and I get behind. So as usual I will give a quick break down of each box, link to the original review, and any thoughts or feelings I may have about them. There will also be affiliate links to each companies website which only help me to offset the cost of getting so many boxes each month.

Here is my video break down for the month, with the rest to follow below:


So lets get started with the 1st box…


collectible geek

Collectible GEEK’s “Totally 80s” Cache

I thought this was a great box! As a kid and big fan of the 80s I liked everything in the box. Especially the awesome Ghostbusters T-Shirt and the Beetlejuice Pop! Aprils theme is “Assemble” followed by May’s “Cowabunga Cache”. Both are already sold out so if you want to get in on a cache, subscriptions are open and the next box goes on sale May 1st. Be sure and use my affiliate link and get 3% OFF your entire order!


loot crate

Loot Crate “Covert”

Loot Crate didn’t do very well with this theme and many people were disappointed. I have mixed feelings about it… the theme itself wasn’t something that interested me, however, the Stealth Watch and Paracord Bracelet were both pretty cool items. Also I did enjoy the sad 007 T-Shirt design. If you want to try Loot Crate for yourself, you can visit their site by clicking here.


pop funbox

Pop Funbox “Marvel”

This is a new box I discovered that sends mostly Funko Pop items every month. Hence the name “Pop Funbox”. I received 3 great Pops and 1 Mystery Minis for $30 plus shipping. You essentially break even price wise on this box but it was still fun to get as a Pop collector and I will definitely order from them again.


custom fan box

Custom Fan Box 

The long awaited Custom Fan Box was only a mediocre box. You get to choose your themes and T-Shirt design so that much is awesome… but half the items were filler making it not-so-great of a value. You still get more than you paid for and it was only their first box so hopefully they will get better. I’ve ordered a second box to see how it stacks up to this first one.


geek me box

Geek Me Box “Heroes vs Villains”

The Geek Me Box always comes through with something a little different. Even though I’m not a big Bane fan, the figured included was great and unlike anything any other box is sending. The caped Batman mug has got to be the geekiest mug I have ever seen and I love it! Each month this box is consistently decent and I should know… I was one of their first subscribers. If you want to try Geek Me Box for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here.


my geeky goodies

My  Geeky Goodies “Monster Apocalypse”

What an awesome box from My Geeky Goodies! I wanted a Cthulhu Pop so bad and sure enough I eventually got one. I’ve learned not to buy them from the store cuz eventually one will show up in a box. Add in the Walking Dead Mystery Minis and a great T-shirt design and this was a win in my book!


geek fuel

Geek Fuel “Game of Thrones”

This was a decent box from Geek Fuel. I love that they have been including full Steam game downloads in the box which makes for a very good value if you’re into PC gaming. I’m a big Game of Thrones fan so I liked all of the items related to that …my only gripe, and it’s not a big deal, is the energy drink that was included. Don’t get me wrong, I drink them daily but I don’t really need one in my geek boxes… I’d rather have another item instead. If you want to try Geek Fuel for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here.


1up box

1Up Box “Villains”

I’m not a real big fan of Batman, but the Joker… he’s awesome! The t-shirt really made the box as it always does and the rest of the items weren’t to bad either. If they could only get a little more buying power they could really beat out the other major box brands for the crown. If you would like to try 1Up Box for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here.


hero crate

Hero Crate “Mario”

I had a feeling this one was going to be Mario… it’s the obvious choice. And being a Mario box, I knew there would most likely be a plushie included which I don’t care for too much. BUT I couldn’t resist and I’m glad I got it because that shirt is one of the coolest designs I’ve seen! I think they pulled of this theme very well as they always do and I look forward to getting another box when the theme is right.


horror block

Horror Block “Walking Dead”

I’m not a big fan of horror but this box was pretty good in my book. 2 Walking Dead items were a good start… then that canvas Hellraiser print was just incredible. No cheap paper stuff a REAL canvas print is something never done before (that I’ve seen) in a geek box. I wont be getting these very often because it’s just not my thing. If you would like to try Horror Block for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here.


arcade block

Arcade Block – 2 T-Shirt Month

This box really didn’t do it for me. Unless it’s a theme that I really like, I would rather not get 2 t-shirts. The Street Fighter keychain is awesome but I already got one a few months back from another box. Overall, the Arcade Block just really isn’t for me… I’m a gamer …but not enough to get a whole box of random game merchandise. If I’ve never played the game or don’t even own the system, it’s just a wasted item in my book. I’m sticking with the Classic Block which is more to my interests. If you would like to try Arcade Block for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here.



Z Box “Retro”

I think the Z Box does a great job with their boxes. I love the shirt design, plus they included a full Steam game download which as I mentioned before, makes it a great value. The Pixel Bricks Pac-Man was also a nice item although they are insanely frustrating to assemble. The Z Box is from Zavvi, a UK based company and they offer extremely cheap shipping to the US. You can check them out via this link.


your toy box

Your Toy Box

Last but not least we have Your Toy Box. Different than any other box because they offer both new AND vintage toys in each box. There is also literally 100 themes to choose from, most of which are so completely unique, forgotten items from my childhood. No 2 boxes will ever be the same because they are customized to your tastes when you order. For $25 shipped you are paying only about $3 per item in the box so there’s really no gamble or loss if you don’t like a particular item. I’ve seen many unboxings and not 1 person has been displeased with anything they have received. If you would like to subscribe, you can check them out by clicking here.

…and there you go! A very late recap of all of March’s Geeky Subscription Boxes. For April I have even more new boxes to try out so be sure to subscribe to me on social media to get all of the latest reviews!