Arcade Block Unboxing and Review – March 2015

arcade block

Today we have another Arcade Block for all you geeks and gamers out there. For March 2015 they promised a 2 T-shirt month in this geeky subscription box. So was it any good?? Lets take a look…


So what did you think? Let’s have a closer look….


arcade block

Atari Stress Controller

This is a clever little thing that I never knew existed. I remember stressing as a kid and grinding the crap out of my Atari controllers until they broke so now, as an adult, I can relive old memories. Unfortunately I’m afraid I may rip the joystick off nowadays lol.

They retail for $10 but I found them on Amazon for $6


arcade block

Batman Arkham Knight Comic

This is a pretty cool comic. Issue #1 with an exclusive Arcade Block cover. It seems like it will be a really good series!

This has a cover price of $4


arcade block

Street Fighter Ryu Keychain

This was an awesome item when I got it in another box a few months back. Unfortunately that ruined it for me the second time around. It is very cool with a flashlight and real “Hadoken” sound …definitely a good item and I’ve enjoyed mine for a while.

These sell for about $9 on Amazon


arcade block

Mini Post It Note Book

As I said in the video, they’ve done this item before as an Arkham Asylum notepad. I wasn’t really thrilled with it then and I’m not really thrilled now. It’s just a book of sticky notes of various sizes with a geeky cover which I don’t find particularly useful.

It’s hard to price this out but a similar pack of sticky notes would run about $5


ab shirt 2

Legend of Zelda T-Shirt

This was my random T-Shirt selection in the block. The design is pretty cool and it’s something I would wear so that’s a win in my book.

I value all shirts at $10


ab shirt

Far cry Radio Free Kyrat Shirt

I haven’t played Far Cry so I have no idea what this shirt is about… other that it’s obviously a radio station in the game. Everyone got this same shirt in the Block and, to me, its a pretty big disappointment. I’ll wind up giving it away.

I value it at $10


arcade block

…and there you have the Arcade Block for March 2015. An estimated $45 value for $30 shipped. I wont be getting this block anymore except maybe on a rare occasion simply because I don’t play enough video games to make it worth while. I’m sticking to the Classic Nerd Block because it provides more of what interests me. If you would like to try Arcade Block for yourself, you can visit their website by clicking here. Every purchase made through my affiliate links goes right back to helping this website.

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